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Merchant of Venice: Act 1

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A street in Venice
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Antonio, a merchant of Venice, talks of his sadness with his friends Salerio and Solanio, who believe that his heavy investments at sea must cause him worry. When he says that doesn;t bother him since his wealth isn't invested in just one ship, they claim he must be in love. Antonio shrugs this off as well. When Bassanio enters, he tells Antonio of Portia, a rich and beautiful woman he has fallen in love with, and, although he has borrowed money from Antonio before and hasn;t paid it back, he asks to borrow money again so that he may court her, and thus have enough money to pay Antonio back completely. even though Antonio's money is tied up in the ships, he allows Bassanio to see what kin do loan he can secure with Antonio's credit.
Antonio does not know why he is sad. He says that if he can't figure out his sadness, he must not know himself very well. Salario and Solanio think he is sad because he is worried about his ships, cargo, and finances, or maybe he is in love.
Joking and talking with Bassanio and the rest of his friends helps him to feel better.