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In the 1896 presidential election, William Jennings Bryan set himself apart from other candidates by....
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Temperance is the...Ban of the sale of liquorGilded Age refers to an era of ______Corruption and materialismWhich president gained office through a secret deal?Rutherford B. HayesWhich president had a reputation for honesty?Grover ClevelandWhat contributed to the assassination of President Garfield?The spoils systemThe Pendleton Civil Service Act made government hiring dependent on....MeritRepublicans believed that high tariffs would _____Help American industries grow.Both republican and democratic parties supported ....The gold standardOpponents thought that using silver as money would undermine the US economy by...Lowering the value of the currencyWhat affected farmer's income after the civil war?Failing prices of farm productsWhat organization formed cooperatives to help farmers sell their products?Farmer's AlliancesWhat did the Populist Party platform include?Free silverIn 1896, the populist party declined in part because it had...Supported a democratic candidateJim Crow Laws were enacted in order to.....Keep African Americans and whites segregatedCoinage act of 1873 highlighted...The growing debate over whether to consider both gold and silver money