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ch 12 lipids/cellmmbrnes

ω C atom
the methyl c atom at the distal end of the chain is called the __ ___ __
the simplest glycolipid, called a __, cntns a single sugar residue, either a glucose or galactose.
glycolipids are oriented in a completely asymmetric fashion, w/the ___ residues always on the extracellular side.
nonpolar chains are joined to a glycerol backbone by ether rather than ester linkages, alkyl chains are branched and not linear
2 important differences btwn membranes of archaea and eukaryotes/bacteria
hydrophobic interactions
__ __ are the major driving force for the formatin of lipid bilayers
van der waals
__ __ __ __ btwn the hydrocarbon tails favor close packing of the tails.