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Higher carbon dioxide levels than we have now were last seen about

a. 600 yrs ago
b. 2000 yrs ago
c. 13,000 yrs ago
d. 2 million yrs ago

The country that produces the most carbon dioxide each year is

a. US
b. Russia
c. China
d. India

The country that produces the most carbon dioxide per person every year is

a. US
b. Russia
c. China
d. Saudi Arabia

The greenhouse gas effect currently warms the earth by approximately (careful: this may be a trick question)

a. 1 degree F
b. 2 degrees F
c. 4 degrees F
d. 35 degrees F

Which fossil fuel produces the most CO2 per pound, when burned?

a. oil
b. natural gas
c. coal
d. gasoline

Converting coal to oil is achieved with

a. pebble bed reactors
b. Fisher-Tropsch
c. enhanced oil recovery

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased over the past 100 years by about

a. 0.6%
b. 6%
c. 36%
d. 96%

Ice in Antartica is

a. melting, as expected from global warming predictions
b. increasing, as expected from global warming predictions
c. melting, contradicting global warming predictions
d. increasing, contradicting global warming predictions

A treaty that was signed by the US but not ratified by the Senate is

d. Kyoto

According to the text, wind power is

a. a possibility for the distant future, but not practical until the price drops
b. rapidly growing, with wind turbines delivering twice the power they did 4 yrs ago
c. widely used in Europe, but not suitable for the US
d. declining in the US because wind turbines have been discovered to kill birds

Clean coal

a. is an oxymoron, since coal makes more CO2 than any other fossil fuel
b. refers to coal that has been converted to gasoline
c. refers to coal that has had its carbon removed
d. refers to coal used at a power plant with carbon capture and storage (CCS)

In France, nuclear power produces what percentage of the electricity?

a. 2%
b. 20%
c. 37%
d. 80%

In the US, nuclear power produces what percentage of the electricity?

a. less than 1%
b. 3%
c. 20%
d. 80%

The organization that studies climate change is


Which of these years had the warmest worldwide climate?

a. 2008
b. 2005
c. 2001
d. 1998

If the US reduced CO2 emissions to those suggested by the Kyoto treaty, and the developing nations continued to increase theirs at the current (allowed) rate, then global warming would be delayed by about

a. 3 years
b. 10 years
c. 30 years
d. 70 years

The greenhouse effect involves atmospheric emission of

a. IR
b. visible light
c. UC
d. microwaves

To be affordable without subsidy or carbon credits,the cost of a billion-watt solar plant must be not much more than

a. $100 million
b. $1 billon
c. $30 billion
d. $10 billion

The average temperature of the earth (including the poles/equator) is now about

a. 42 degrees F
b. 54 degrees F
c. 65 degrees F
d. 80 degrees F

Which country produces the most greenhouse gas emission per GDP

a. China
b. Russia
c. USA
d. Japan

A key feature of the Kyoto treaty is that it

a. required CO2 reductions for China
b. did not require reductions for Japan
c. reduced CO2 but ignored other greenhouse gases much as methane
d. set up a method to trade carbon credits

Cooling in the last big ice age, which ended about 12,000 BC, was approximately

a. 2 degrees F
b. 4 degrees F
c. 11 degrees F
d. 32 degrees F

Cooling during the Little Ice Age (AD 1350 to 1850) was approximately

a. 2 degrees F
b. 4 degrees F
c. 11 degrees F
d. 32 degrees F

Which of the following is NOT major greenhouse gas?

a. water vapor
b. carbon dioxide
c. methane
d. CFC's (such as freon)

The least expensive form of carbon abatement (putting less CO2 into the atmosphere) is

a. nuclear power
b. solar power
c. wind power
d. conservation

Thanks to humans, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has

a. decreased by about 35%
b. increased by about 36%
c. doubled
d. reduced to 50% of its previous level

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