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붙다 (v.)
to stick to
붙이다 (v.)
to stick (something) to
죽다 (v.)
to die
죽이다 (v.)
to kill
끓다 (v.)
to boil
끓이다 (v.)
to cause to boil
높다 (adj.)
to be high
높이다 (v.)
to raise/elevate (something)
앉다 (v.)
to sit
앉히다 (v.)
to seat (someone)
눕다 (v.)
to lie down
눕히다 (v.)
to put (someone) to bed
낮다 (adj.)
to be low
낮추다 (v.)
to lower (something)
늦다 (v.)
to be late
늦추다 (v.)
to delay (someone/something)
맞다 (v.)
1) to be correct; 2) to hit
맞추다 (v.)
1) to guess correctly; 2) to hit (the mark)
울다 (v.)
to cry
울리다 (v.)
to make (someone) cry
살다 (v.)
to live
살리다 (v.)
to let (someone) live, revive
알다 (v.)
to know
알리다 (알려 주다) (v.)
to make known
돌다 (v.)
to turn
돌리다 (v.)
to turn (something)
웃다 (v.)
to laugh
웃기다 (v.)
to make (someone) laugh
남다 (v.)
to remain, be left over
남기다 (v.)
to leave (someone/something) behind
깨다 (v.)
to wake up
깨우다 (v.)
to wake (someone) up
비다 (v.)
to be empty
비우다 (v.)
to empty (something)
타다 (v.)
to ride
태우다 (v.)
to give a ride
자다 (v.)
to sleep
재우다 (v.)
to cause (someone) to sleep
서다 (v.)
1) to stand; 2) to stop, halt
세우다 (v.)
1) to make stand up; 2) to make stop
먹다 (v.)
to eat
먹이다 (먹여 주다) (v.)
to feed (someone), make eat
보다 (v.)
to see
보여 주다 (v.)
to show
읽다 (v.)
to read
읽히다* (읽혀 주다) (v.)
(*same form as 피동사)
to make (someone) read
입다 (v.)
to wear
입히다 (입혀 주다) (v.)
to dress (someone)
듣다 (v.)
to listen, hear
들려 주다 (v.)
to make (something) heard
맡다 (v.)
to undertake, take on
맡기다 (맡겨 주다) (v.)
to entrust
신다 (v.)
to put on shoes/socks
신기다 (신겨 주다) (v.)
to put shoes/socks (on someone)
쓰다 (v.)
1) to write; 2) to use; 3) to put on (glasses, hat, mask)
씌우다 (v.)
to cover a thing with, put on (glasses, hat, mask)
감다 (v.)
to wash one's hair
감기다 (v.)
to wash (someone's) hair
씻다 (v.)
to wash
씻기다* (v.)
(*same form as 피동사)
to have a person wash
벗다 (v.)
to take off
벗기다 (v.)
to cause (someone) to take off