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Black Politics Final

Slave and slaver are synonymous terms
The European monarch played no part in the commercial slave trade.
The international slave trade was confined to Europe and the West African Coast
Britain was one of the first countries to actively participate in the commercial slave trade.
Unlike rice, cotton production, in colonial America, required chain gang labor.
A sharecropper is a farmer who rents the land from others, and pays cash rent for the use of the land.
The John Bapitiste trading company was located at the mouth of the Senegal River.
Spain was the first major European maritime power to be involved in the commercial slave trade.
Rum is a byproduct of molasses
Virginia was the major rice producing territory in Colonial America.
The tenture of an indentured servant usually did not exceed seven years.
According to Conrad, people in the academic community have given adequate treatment to the relationship between race and economics.
The Englishman who took five slaves from the coast of Guinea because they were living under beastly conditions was John Hawkins.
France was the second major European country to monopolize the commercial slave trade.
According to the history of colonial America, blacks were the immediate successor to Native Americans to be enslaved by whites.
Spain was the European country which the Pope prohibited from transporting slaves from Africa.
Persons who were enslaved by whites in colonial America included: indentured servants, Native Americans, persons snatched from the streets of major European cities, blacks and
The term used W.E.B. Dubois which explains the contributions of slaves to the development of Europe
perfect circle
The two groups which contributed to plantation agriculture in colonial America where sharecroppers and
tenant farmer
The three crops grown in colonial America were: cotton, rice, and
The name of the agreement which gave Brazil to Portugal was
Treaty of Tordesilles
In colonial America, much of the processing of sugar into rum took place in a specific region of North America
New England
Rice production in colonial America was done primarily in the state of _____________
South Carolina
Major trading companies engaged in the commercial slave trade were: John Baptiste, Royal African and ________________.
Dutch West Indian
Following the servitude of Native Americans, in colonial America, the next group to be enslaved was _________________
The agreement which gave Brazil to Portugal was the _________________
Treaty of Tordesilles
The order from the Pope giving the New World to Spain was _________________.
The line of Dunmare
The two major capitalist countries of the 16th century were:Britain and __________________.
The economic philosophy which was prevalent in Europe during the 16th and 17th century was known as
During the colonial era, Britain's major colonial possessions in the North World were located in the West Indies and ____________
North American
The West Indies became prominent place in the slave trade because of the introduction of a staple called:
cotton and sugar