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  1. positive
  2. Existing
  3. zygote
  4. gene pool
  5. will, +,-,none
  1. a genetic drift _______ happen, and has a ________ effect
  2. b result of the fusion of egg and sperm
  3. c natural selection consistently has a _______ effect
  4. d selection can only act on _________ variation
  5. e all of the alles for all loci in a populations

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  1. change in allele frequencies between generations due to RANDOM chance events.. RANDOM process. Can have a positive, negative, or neutral effect
  2. a few individuals are seperated from the source population. These individuals become founders of a new population. The allele frequencies are unlikely to match those of the source population, therefore, drift occurs. It unlikely that the small group contains all the alles of the large population. RANDOM
  3. NO variation means....
  4. observed new, diffferent species, visited many islands, observed gradual change, natural selection, adaptation,etc. Credited for idea of evolution.
  5. a geographical seperation between species (type of speciation)

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  1. sexual selectionwithin a sex, acts on traits that affect success in competition with members of the same sex for mates


  2. Natural selectionnatural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.


  3. microevolutionchange above the species level, evolutionary components of speciation


  4. polymorphismdirrences in size, color, shape, behavior, between the sexes. Ex. Red male cardinal, brown female cardinals.


  5. mutation meltdownon average the affects of mutations are deleterious, an accumulation of deleterious effects