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  1. contained, blind
  2. directional selection
  3. might, +,-,none
  4. post-zygotic
  5. Wallace
  1. a gene flow_______ happen, and has a _________ effect
  2. b Natural selection is _____ to the past and ______ to the future
  3. c type of reproductive isolation that prevents survival or fertility of offspring
  4. d Idea of adaption and evolution, not made famous by discovery
  5. e type of selection that favors individuals at one end of the phenotypic range

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  1. traits with a genetic basis that can be passed on to future generations
  2. Person who stated that organisms produce more offspring than can survive
  3. a post-zygotic barrier where fertilizaiton occurs, but the hybrid is sterile and unable to reproduce (liger, mule, etc.)
  4. on average the affects of mutations are deleterious, an accumulation of deleterious effects
  5. combining existing alleles in new ways (crossing over, random fertilization, random allignment)

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  1. disruptive selectiontype of selection that favors individuals at one end of the phenotypic range


  2. Natural selectionwithin a sex, acts on traits that affect success in competition with members of the same sex for mates


  3. genetic driftmovement of genes from one population to another due to the input of genes from individuals of another population


  4. phenotypePerson who created scalae naturae, classifying organism with increasing complexity


  5. sympatric speciationno geographical seperation between a species (type of speciation)