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  1. Might, +,-, none
  2. allele fixation
  3. pre-zygotic
  4. subspecies
  5. Lamarck
  1. a the entire population is homozygous at the locus
  2. b The changes a parent accumulates during their lifetime can be passed to their offspring, mechanism of change (giraffe example)
  3. c differences among species, but not enough to make them a new species
  4. d mutations _______ happen, and has a _______ effect
  5. e type of reproductive isolation that prevents fertilization of eggs

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  1. deleterious mutations are _______ common than beneficial ones
  2. traits with a genetic basis that can be passed on to future generations
  3. species only found in a particular location
  4. species observed today are the result of gradual change from a common ancestor
  5. variation in heritable traits within a population plus differential survival/reproduction = change in traits in a population over time

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  1. Natural selectionnatural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.


  2. sexual dimorphismdirrences in size, color, shape, behavior, between the sexes. Ex. Red male cardinal, brown female cardinals.


  3. gametic isolationpre-zygotic barrier where mating may be attempted but morphological, physical factors prevent the act of mating.


  4. sex, matingcombining existing alleles in new ways (crossing over, random fertilization, random allignment)


  5. No evolution by selectionNO variation means....