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  1. gametic isolation
  2. allopatric speciation
  3. bottleneck effect
  4. evolution trap
  5. reproductive isolation
  1. a pre-zygotic barrier where mating succeeds but the sperm of one species is not able to fertilize the egg of the other species
  2. b a geographical seperation between species (type of speciation)
  3. c large original population is suddenly reduced vastly in numbers, only a small number is left and it is likely that this new smaller population has lost alleles, therefore, drift has happened RANDOM
  4. d the existence of biological factors that prevent two indviduals from interbreeding and producing viable offspring
  5. e using old cue in a new environment results in a maladaptive choice, environment changes and the old way doesn't work any more even if it worked every time before. (humans and fast food) (beetle attracted to phermones in field) (beetle that mates with beer bottle)

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  1. pre-zygotic factor that prevents breeding becuase of different mating times/seasons
  2. a post-zygotic barrier where fertilization but hybrids are non-viable or sterile in subsequent generations
  3. selection can only act on _________ variation
  4. a post-zygotic barrier where fertilization occurs but the hybrid offspring do not survive well, either in the womb or after birth
  5. a few individuals are seperated from the source population. These individuals become founders of a new population. The allele frequencies are unlikely to match those of the source population, therefore, drift occurs. It unlikely that the small group contains all the alles of the large population. RANDOM

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  1. asexualwhat kind of population experiences an increase in drift?


  2. intersexual selectionwithin a sex, acts on traits that affect success in competition with members of the same sex for mates


  3. stabalizing selectionnatural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.


  4. polymorphismcondition where there are two or more versions of a trait within a population


  5. will, +,-,nonegene flow_______ happen, and has a _________ effect