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  1. microevolution
  2. endemics
  3. zygote
  4. Lyell
  1. a species only found in a particular location
  2. b change in allele frequencies in a population from one generation to the next
  3. c result of the fusion of egg and sperm
  4. d Noticed that the rate of change is generally constant, geology

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  1. pre-zygotic barrier where mating succeeds but the sperm of one species is not able to fertilize the egg of the other species
  2. species observed today are the result of gradual change from a common ancestor
  3. Person who discovered that fossils change over time, noticed geological change, thought a series of catastrophies were responsible for the change in oraganisms
  4. pre-zygotic factor that prevents breeding because of different mating areas or places
  5. change in in structure of a gene or chromosome, only way to create new alleles

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  1. gene poolmovement of genes from one population to another due to the input of genes from individuals of another population


  2. sexual selectionprovides a mechanism for evolutionary change


  3. sympatric speciationno geographical seperation between a species (type of speciation)


  4. gene flowgenetic composition of an individual


  5. biological species conceptno geographical seperation between a species (type of speciation)