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  1. gametic isolation
  2. Might, +,-, none
  3. Lamarck
  4. bottleneck effect
  5. Lyell
  1. a Noticed that the rate of change is generally constant, geology
  2. b pre-zygotic barrier where mating succeeds but the sperm of one species is not able to fertilize the egg of the other species
  3. c mutations _______ happen, and has a _______ effect
  4. d large original population is suddenly reduced vastly in numbers, only a small number is left and it is likely that this new smaller population has lost alleles, therefore, drift has happened RANDOM
  5. e The changes a parent accumulates during their lifetime can be passed to their offspring, mechanism of change (giraffe example)

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  1. dirrences in size, color, shape, behavior, between the sexes. Ex. Red male cardinal, brown female cardinals.
  2. Person who discovered that fossils change over time, noticed geological change, thought a series of catastrophies were responsible for the change in oraganisms
  3. within a sex, acts on traits that affect success in competition with members of the same sex for mates
  4. gene flow tends to______ variation between populations
  5. Person who created scalae naturae, classifying organism with increasing complexity

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  1. will, +,-,nonegene flow_______ happen, and has a _________ effect


  2. polymorphismcondition where there are two or more versions of a trait within a population


  3. Natural selectionnatural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.


  4. mutationchange in in structure of a gene or chromosome, only way to create new alleles


  5. reproductive isolationpre-zygotic barrier where mating may be attempted but morphological, physical factors prevent the act of mating.