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  1. might, +,-,none
  2. polymorphism
  3. adaptive evolution via natural selection
  4. endemics
  5. asexual
  1. a gene flow_______ happen, and has a _________ effect
  2. b the biological species concept might not work for _______ organisms
  3. c If there is no variation there is no oppurtunity for
  4. d condition where there are two or more versions of a trait within a population
  5. e species only found in a particular location

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  1. no geographical seperation between a species (type of speciation)
  2. Person who created scalae naturae, classifying organism with increasing complexity
  3. species observed today are the result of gradual change from a common ancestor
  4. Person who noticed similarity in shape and design among certain organisms, classifying organisms
  5. genetic composition of an individual

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  1. phenotypegenetic composition of an individual


  2. allele fixationthe entire population is homozygous at the locus


  3. gametic isolationpre-zygotic barrier where mating may be attempted but morphological, physical factors prevent the act of mating.


  4. sexual selectionprovides a mechanism for evolutionary change


  5. Mathusobserved new, diffferent species, visited many islands, observed gradual change, natural selection, adaptation,etc. Credited for idea of evolution.