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  1. bottleneck effect
  2. Existing
  3. microevolution
  4. allopatric speciation
  5. No evolution by selection
  1. a large original population is suddenly reduced vastly in numbers, only a small number is left and it is likely that this new smaller population has lost alleles, therefore, drift has happened RANDOM
  2. b change in allele frequency in a population
  3. c selection can only act on _________ variation
  4. d a geographical seperation between species (type of speciation)
  5. e NO variation means....

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  1. Noticed geological features change over time, published thoery of gradualism
  2. type of selection that favors individuals at one end of the phenotypic range
  3. what kind of population experiences an increase in drift?
  4. mutations _______ happen, and has a _______ effect
  5. genetic composition of an individual

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  1. descent with modificationspecies observed today are the result of gradual change from a common ancestor


  2. phenotyperesult of the fusion of egg and sperm


  3. LyellNoticed that the rate of change is generally constant, geology


  4. reproductive isolationthe existence of biological factors that prevent two indviduals from interbreeding and producing viable offspring


  5. sexual dimorphismnatural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.


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