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fuctions of the digetsive system and definition

digestion- breaks food by enzymes
absorbtion- tnafers food into the blood stream
elimination- gets rid of undigested wastes

four layers on the digestive tract

mucous membrane, submucosa, smooth muslce, serous membrane

accesory organs (3) and defintion

not apart of the digetive tract ; gallbladder, salivary glands, liver

3 functions of the oral cavity or mouth

ingestion, mastication, forms bolus, deglutition

functions of the large intestine (colon)

reabsorbtion of water, undigested food forms fece, bacteria produce vitamin K and B

explain amylase

changes straches to sugar; found in saliva and pancreas; know amylase is in salvia because of clear ring formed with iodine

villi ( location, function, defintion)

on the lining of surface of the small intestine, increase surface area to increase absorbtion, small finger like projections

function of bile in digestion

needed for the processing of fats; breaks them down into small droplets that can acted on more effectively by digestive enzymes

gastric acid 3 contents

pepsin, hydrochloric acid, chyme

pepsin acts on what food

a protien digesting enzyme

why does gastric juice break down some foods and not others ?

idk ??????// lol

tube that extends from mouth to anus

digestive tract

covers organ

viceral peritoneum

lines abdominal cavity

parietal peritoneum

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