39 terms

Chapter 4

Energy in the Sun is produced primarily by
The mass of the nucleus is closest to
99% of that in the entire atom
Radioactivity in the Earth leads to
all of the above (energy for volcanoes, helium for toy balloons, heat for geysers)
LD50 refers to
lethal dose
A major reason that your body is radioactive is that
you eat radioactive carbon in your food
The primary cause of death from the Hiroshima bomb was
the blast from the bomb
Fission fragments are
among the most dangerous kind of radiation
Wine made from fossil fuels is not radioactive because
If the half-life of an element is big, that means that
it decays slower then one with a small half life
Muller wears a wrist watch with tritium in the watch hands because
the levels of radiation that emerge are safe
After three half-lives, the fraction of nuclei remaining is
Most of the elements found on the Earth were created
in the first few millions years of the Earths existence
The fraction of the US population that dies from cancer is typically
about 1 in 5
Watch dials containing radium glow because
the radiation hits a phosphor
Choose all the items that derive from radioactivity
helium for children's balloons / volcanic lava
After four half-lives, the surviving tritium atoms are removed. Compared to completely new tritium atom, they are expected to live
exactly as long
One rem of radiation dose takes how many gammas
Which requires the larger dose
The linear hypothesis is
widely used even though it is not proven
A sievert is how many rem
100 rem
Cancer is lower in Denver because
we dont know why
The number of deaths from the Chernobyl accident is about
radioactivity is used in
smoke detectors
Neutron activation is used
to search for rare atoms
Dirty bombs may be less of a threat than people fear, because
dirty bombs require plutonium, and that is hard for terrorists to obtain
Radioactivity in the Earth is responsible for
helium we use in balloons
Volcanic heat comes from
fusion deep in the earth
The best way to measure the age of an ancient bone is
radiocarbon dating
An RTG is
carried in satellites for power
Uranium is found on the Earth, even though it is radioactive. Thats because
it has a very long half-life
Carbon-14, compared to carbon-12
has more protons
Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated with
The radiation from cell phones
does not cause cancer
The threshold for radiation illness is about
100 rem
The natural radioactivity (rate of nuclear decays) in a typical human body is closest to
4000 per second
The source of energy in the Sun is
fusion of hydrogen
Which of the following is most toxic per gram
The radioactivity from your own body
does cause cancer, but at a very low rate
Drinking alcohol is required to be radioactive because
it shows that the alcohol was "aged"