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Chestnut cowrie
cypraea spadicea
cone snail
conus californicus
tube snail
serpulorbis squamigerus
purple olive
olivelle biplicata
black abalone
haliotis cracherodil
red abalone
haliotis rufescens
wavy top turban
astraea undosa
kellets whelk
kelletia kelletii
operculum from wavy top
astraea undosa
circle with stripes
keyhole limpets
family fissurellidae
white capped limpet
acmaea mitra
owl limpet
lottia gigantea
slipper shell
crepidula sp.
brown turbans
tegula brunnea
black turbans
tegula funebralis
sea hare
aplysia californica
flabellina iodinea

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