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Road to Revolution Study Guide- Part I


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Who fought in the French and Indian War?
France fought against Britain for land west of the Appalachian Mountains
French Advantages in French and Indian War
1. Native American allies
2. Only one government gave orders
3. Set up ambushes
British Advantages in French and Indian War
1. More skilled troops
2. Had militias
3. Could grow their own food
Who was winning at the beginning of the war?
How did Britain gain control?
Many Native Americans died from smallpox and Britain's leadership changed.
How did the war end?
Britain seized an important fort. France surrendered and signed the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
What were the results of the war?
Britain not only had control of 13 Colonies, but now they had Canada and eastern half of Louisiana Territory. France no longer owned land in America.

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