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Road to Revolution Study Guide- Part II


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Effects of the French and Indian War
Britain's King George III & the Parliament (Britain's law-making assembly) taxed the colonists to pay for the expenses
Proclamation of 1763
law forbidding English colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains
Quartering Act
1765 - Required the colonials to provide food, lodging, and supplies for the British troops in the colonies.
Stamp Act
Britain placed taxes on printed materials in the colonies
What united the colonists?
No taxation without representation
Why did Sam Adams form the Sons of Liberty?
He wanted freedom to make their own laws so they lead protests against the taxes and put pressure on stamp agents.
Townshend Acts
taxes imported goods and tea
What was the effect of the Townshend Acts?
A boycott- refusal to buy goods
What were the roles of colonial women?
1. They started making their own tea

2. Writers who encouraged the boycott (Mercy Otis Warren)

3. Daughters of Liberty was formed and began weaving cloth instead of buying wool from the British
Boston Massacre
Many angry colonists surrounded British soldiers and they panicked and fired into the crowd killing 5 Americans. Crispus Attucks (a runaway slave) was killed. Parliament repealed all the taxes except tea.
Committees of Correspondence
Colonies organized these to keep each other informed and delivered them by "express riders" on horses
Tea Act
Britain would only allow their tea company to import tea to the colonies
What was the effect of the Tea Act?
Boston Tea Party- Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawks and dumped all the tea from the British ships into the harbor.
What was the effect of the Boston Tea Party?
Intolerable Acts - British wanted to punish colonists for dumping the tea. They sent Thomas Gage to close the port and restrict town meetings. They couldn't trade and many people lost their jobs.
What was the effect of the Intolerable Act?
It forced people to take sides

Loyalist- sided with the King
Patriots- opposed British rule
First Continental Congress
September 1774, delegates from twelve colonies sent representatives to Philadelphia to discuss a response to the Intolerable Acts.

George Washington told the colonies to train militias and stop all trade with Britain
What did Patrick Henry say in his speech?
"Give me liberty or give me death"