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A review of Realidades Level 1 Chapter 4A question words

¿Cómo? (with ser)

What is something like? (use ser)

¿Cómo? (with estar)

How? (use estar)


When? (use TIME/DATE)


How much? (use AN AMOUNT)


How many? (use AN AMOUNT)


How many? (feminine, use AN AMOUNT)


Where? (use ESTAR)

¿Por qué?

Why? (answer PORQUE...)




Which? (CHOOSE a singular item)


Who? (singular ALWAYS refers to people)

¿De dónde?

From where? (use SER DE + PLACE)


Which ones? (CHOOSE multiple items)


Who (plural)? (plural ALWAYS refers to multiple people)

¿Con quién?

With whom? (Singular use CON + person

¿De quiénes?

Whose? (plural)


To where/where to?

¿De quién?

Whose? (singular, one owner)

¿Con quiénes?

With whom? (plural use CON + multiple people)

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