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Basics 8

Who brutally conquered the Congo Basin?
King Leopold II
At what meeting did the great European powers meet to divide up Africa?
The Berlin Conference
Who was the famous explorer/writer/missionary who trekked through the interior of Africa?
Dr. David Livingstone
What did China call themselves before the Europeans arrived?
The Middle Kingdom
What product did the British trade for tea in China?
Which leader refused to reform their nation and was divided into Spheres of Influence by Europe?
Empress Cixi
When the common people of Chine got tired of the westerners they started the...?
Taiping Rebellion
Which leader created the first republic of China but was overthrown shortly after?
Sun Yixian
Japan's rapid industrialization was begun under the leadership of...?
Emperor Meiji
The US gained the Philippines during the...?
Spanish American War
Australia was an example of a...?
penal colony