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  1. kowtow
  2. irony
  3. rebuttal or refutation
  4. espose
  5. immaculate
  1. a bend the knees and bow in a servile manner
  2. b an implied contrast
  3. c a piece of writing that reveals weaknesses, faults, frailites, or other shortcomings
  4. d entierly free of stain, blemish, fault, or error; spotless
  5. e the part of discourse wherein opposing arguments are anticipated and answered

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  1. a humorous play on words, using similar-sounding or identical words to suggest different meanings
  2. revoke formally
  3. from the Greek, literaly means "teaching"
  4. showing remarkable originality, imagination, inventiveness, or skill; clever
  5. (n) a long emotional publich adress designed to arouse strong feelings or spur the audience on to action; a similar piece of writing
    (v) to deliver a harangue

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  1. circumlocutioncontinuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature


  2. liabilitya. a debt or obligation, especially of a financial nature
    b. a hindrance or handicap


  3. onomatopeiarequired, obligatory


  4. themeto feel around uncertainly for


  5. ironyany discourse that is not poetry


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