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  1. anapestic
  2. analogy
  3. infrastructure
  4. blank verse
  5. fiasco
  1. a inductive reasoning in which we assume that if two instance are alike in a number of important points, they will be alike in the point in question
  2. b the basic structure or features of a system or organization
  3. c a foot in poetry with two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable
  4. d a complete and ridiculous failure
  5. e poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter

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  1. person afraid of foreigners
  2. a. thrifty or econonomical in the use of money
    b. involving little expense; meager
  3. the name of a grammatical unit that is comprised of predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives
  4. to spread through; to penetrate
  5. likely to change for no apparent reason; inconstant

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  1. pastoralaa brief story, usually with human characters, that teaches a moral lesson


  2. romancean extended narrative about improbable events and extraoridnary people in exotic places


  3. perseverea synonym for poetry, also a group of lines in a song or poem; also a single line of poetry


  4. metonymya false name or alias used by writers


  5. ominouscell division in which the nucleus divides into nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes