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  1. tragedy
  2. farce
  3. concrete detail
  4. phobia
  5. oligarchy
  1. a a political system governed by a few people
  2. b a highly specif, particular, often real, actual, or tangible detail; the opposite of abstract
  3. c an intense irrational fear of something; any strong aversion
  4. d a form of literature in which the hero is destroyed by some character flaw and by a set of forces that cause the hero considerable anguish
  5. e a comdy that contains an extravagant and non-sensical disregard of seriousness, although it may have a serious, scornful purpose

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  1. a story that presents remote or imaginative incidents rather than ordinary, commonplace experiences
  2. an abrupt change from the lofty to the ordinary or tivial in writing or speech; anticlimax
  3. faulty reasoning that inappropriately ascrives human feelings to nature or nonhuman objects
  4. inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life
  5. a saying or proverb expressing common wisdom or truth

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  1. incognitowithout revealing one's identity


  2. comparison and contrasta mode of discourse in which two or more things are compared and contrasted


  3. cause and effectasking how and why things happen


  4. infrastructurethe basic structure or features of a system or organization


  5. invectivea violent verbal attack; strong criticism, curses; an abusive term