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  1. deus ex machina
  2. deduction
  3. gape
  4. comparison and contrast
  5. lackadaisical
  1. a to stare open-mouthed in amazement; to open wide
  2. b in literature, the use of an artificial device or gimmick to solve a problem
  3. c a mode of discourse in which two or more things are compared and contrasted
  4. d a process in logic that involes reasoning from stated premises to the formally valid conclusion; reasoning from general to the particular
  5. e sorely lacking in spirit, energy, or purpose

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  1. one of two (approximately) equal parts
  2. the quickness of intellect and the power and talent for saying brilliant things that surprise and delight by their unexpectedness; the power to comment subtly and pointedly on the foibles of the passing scene
  3. a foot in poetry with two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable
  4. a narrator with unlimited awareness, understanding, and insight of characters, setting, background, and all other elements of the story
  5. a brief narative often used to illustrat an idea or make a point

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  1. prosethe generic name for a figure of speech such as image, symbol, simile, and metaphor


  2. garblea literary style used to poke fun at, attack, or ridicule an idea, vice, or foible, often for the purpose of inducing change


  3. point of viewto banish or exclude from a group; to shun


  4. opportuneany discourse that is not poetry


  5. plagiarisma sharp, caustic attitude conveyed in words through jibes, tanuts, or other remarks; differs from irony, which is more subtle