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definitions of skin lesions


chronic, recurrent dermatosis marked by itchy, scaly, red plaques covered by silvery gray scales

atopic eczema

This rash appears mainly on the flexor surfaces of the skin.

What are the three layers of skin?

Epidermis, dermis, connective tissue

cluster skin lesion pattern

grouped lesions of herpes simplex

serpiginous skin lesion pattern

tinea corporis, appears in snake like pattern

annular, arciform skin lesion pattern



small flat spot, upt ot 1.0 cm


flat spots, 1.0 cm or larger

examples of macules

vitiligo, and hemangioma


elevated superficial lesion 1.0 cm or larger, often formed by coalescensce of papules, example psoriasisi


up to 1.0 cm


marble-like lesion larger than 0.5 cm, oftern deeper and firmer than a papule


sac of fluid or semisolid material located in or under the skin


Elevated irregular shaped area of cutaneous edema ex. insect bites & allergic reactions.


papavle elevations with fluid filled cavities. Up to 1.0 cm examples are herpes zoster and simplex


1.0 cm or larger; filled with serous fluid
examples are insect bites


filled with pus examples are acne and small pox


a minute, slightly raised tunnel in the epidermis. example are scabies


a thin flake of dead exfoliated epidermis example echthyosis vulgaris and dry skin


dried residue of skin exudates such as serum, pus or blood. example impetigo


connective tissue that arises from injury or disease


Hypertrophic scarring that extends beyond the borders of the initiating injury. ex: keloid- ear lobe


nonscarring loss of the superficial epidermis; surface is moist but does not bleed


Skin sore or abrasion produced by scratching or scraping. example cat scratching


a linear crack in the skin, often resulting form excessive dryness. example athletes foot


a deeper loss of epidermis and dermis; may bleed and scar

What is the most common cutaneous disorder in US?

Acne vulgaris

Melanoma risk factors.

severe sunburn as child, fair skin that freckle or burns easily, year round sun exposure, family hx.


common mole

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