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  1. termination signal
  2. mutation
  3. exon
  4. ribosome
  5. intron
  1. a small organelle in the cell on which proteins are assembled; made of RNA and protein
  2. b a specific sequence of nucleotides that marks the end of a gene.
  3. c sequence of DNA that codes information for protein synthesis.
  4. d sequence of DNA that is not involved in coding for a protein
  5. e change in a DNA sequence that affects genetic information

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  1. region of DNA that indicates to an enzyme where to bind to make RNA
  2. a nucleic acid that plays an important role in the production of proteins
  3. three-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid
  4. type of RNA molecule that transfers amino acids to ribosomes during protein synthesis
  5. transcription enzyme that links RNA nucleotides together

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  1. ribosomal RNAtype of RNA molecule that plays a structural role in ribosomes


  2. genetic codegroup of three nucleotides on a tRNA molecule that are complementary to an mRNA codon


  3. anticodonthree-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid


  4. stop codoncodon that signals to ribosomes to begin translation; codes for the first amino acid in a protein


  5. messenger RNAthe genetic message from the DNA which is transferred to the protein-synthesizing machinery of the cell