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7.1 Types of Memory

the process of retaining information or the information retained
Free recall
a method of testing by asking someone to produce a certain item without substantial hints, such as an essay or short answer test
cued recall
a method of testing memory by asking someone to remember a certain item after being given a hint
a method of testing memory by asking someone to choose the correct answer from a set of alternatives.
savings method
a method of testing memory by measuring how much faster someone can relearn something than learn something for the first time.
Explicit memory
a memory that a person can state, generally recognizing that it is the correct answer.
implicit memory
a memory that influences behavior without requiring conscious recognition that one is using memory.
the temporarily increased probability of using a word as the result of reading or hearing it.
procedural memory
the retention of learned skills
declarative memory
the recall of factual information
information-processing model
the view that information is processed, coded, and stored in various ways in human memory as if it were a computer
sensory store
a very brief storage of sensory information
short-term memory
a temporary storage of limited amount of information
long-term memory
a relatively permanent store of information
semantic memory
memory of general principles
Episodic memory
a memory for a specific events in a person's life
a process of grouping digits or letters into meaningful sequences
retrieval cue
information associated with remembered material, which can be useful for helping to recall that material
working memory
a system that processes and works with current information, including three components-a central executive, a phonological loop, and a visual spatial sketch pad.
prospective memory
The ability to remember to perform actions in the future.
retrospective memory
The ability to remember events from the past or previously learned information.
studied memory using nonsense syllables and the method of savings