Consumer in the Market Place Exam 1 Essay


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Central cues
- Product-relevant information that influences persuasion
- High involved product
- High involvement results in a central route to attitude change by which consumers deliberately and consciously process messages that they believe are relevant to the evaluation of the brand
- Detailed factual info (central cues) is effective
Peripheral cues
- Non-product relevant information that influences persuasion
- Low involved product
- Opinions that arise without thinking about relevant information
- Low involvement results in a peripheral route to attitude change in which consumers form impressions of the brand based on exposure to readily available cues in the message
- require limited info and rely on simple affective and cognitive cues
Executional Factors (Peripheral cues)
- User Imagery
- Tone: serious vs. quirky
- Appeal used: fear vs. humor
- Logo
- Typeface characteristics
- Pace of ad
- Media outlet
- Jingles