Horatius Cocles

absum, abesse, abfuī
to be away, to be absent
adsum, adesse, adfuī
to be near, be present
cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessum (+dat)
to yield, withdraw, go more. 3rd.
cōgō, cōgere, cōgī, coactum
to compel, collect. 3rd.
rumpō, rumpere, rūpī, rumptum
to burst, break open. 3rd.
tollō, tollere, sustulī, sublātum
to raise, remove, put out of the way. 3rd.
aciēs, aciēī, f.
sharp edge. 5th.
praesidium, -ī, n.
garrison, guard. 2nd.
alius, alia, aliud
other another
alii... alii
some... others
tutus, -a, -um