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Active cell

The cell that is selected in a worksheet.


The rectangle where a column and row intersect.

Cell reference

The column letter followed by the row number that identifies a cell, such as B5.


Cells that display vertically and are labeled from left to right beginning with A through Z, then AA through AZ.


Text that appears in the bottom margin of a worksheet when printed.

Formula bar

Located next to the Name box and displays the contents of the active cell.

Freeze panes

Lock specified rows or columns into place.


Text that appears in the top margin of a worksheet when printed.

Name box

Located below the Ribbon and displays the ell reference of the active cell.


A group of cells.


Cells that display horizontally and are numbered consecutively down the left side of the worksheet.


Highlight a cell or range of cells.

Sheet tab

Displays the name of each sheet in the workbook.

Spreadsheet software

Used to calculate, analyze, and visually represent numerical data.


Collection of related worksheets.

Workbook window

Area of the program window where the active sheet is displayed.


Grid with columns and rows where you enter and summarize data.


Another name for worksheet or spreadsheet.

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