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Aseptic Technique


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Which problem can be avoided by administering Promethazine IV?
Reconstitution with Ampicillin IVPB should be done with
0.9% NaCl
Following the preparation of an Vinblastine I.V. admixture, the needle and syringe should be:
disposed of in an approved container without recapping or clipping
What should the minimum percent of Isopropyl Alcohol be to prevent contamination of an I.V.
Sterilization methods include all the following except:
Cleaning of the laminar airflow hood includes using which of the following agents?
isopropyl alcohol
What is the proper procedure for cleaning a laminar flow workbench?
clean the hood from side to side starting from the back of the hood towards the front of the hood
Which of the following is not a defining characteristic of IV solution?
What size filter is considered a sterilizing filter?
.22 micron
The first line of defense against infection of an IV product is:
After syringes are used for preparation of hazardous substances, the pharmacy technician should:
place the syringe in a sealed plastic bag ans dispose in special waste
The sterile parts of a syringe that may never be touched are the:
tip and plunger
Which of the following is a means of contamination?
contaminated equipment, personnel, and contaminated raw materials
You receive an order for Vinblastine. In preparing this drug you should:
prepare it in a biological safety cabinet
Gowns used in preparing Cancer Chemotherapy drugs must close:
in the back
Insulin is to be added to an IV admixture. What type of insulin may be used?
The purpose of a horizontal laminar airflow workbench is to:
provide a sterile environment for admixture compounding
Which of the following statements is appropriate for a laminar flow hood?
clean the hood from back to front
Which route is injecting medication into the top skin layers?
Which solution is safest for a patient?
The Ante Area is which of the following:
Located between the buffer area and the common pharmacy
Which of the following is a type of amino acid product used in admixing TPN?
branched-chain amino, essential amino acid solutions, and mixed essential and non-essential amino acid solutions
A home care pharmacy compounds 30 TPN orders dailu. Which device would assist in the preparation of these orders?
Which of the following types of syringes should be used in the mixing of Vinblastine?
luer lock because it's a cytotoxic agent
Which solution is recommended of cleaning a biological safety cabinet?
isopropyl alcohol
Needle gauge represents:
diameter of the needle
You are to use 7.6 ml of sterile water to reconstitute a vial of medication. What size of syringe should be used?
10 ml
The walls of a clean room should be washed how often?
Which of these is NOT an immediate use compounded sterile preparation requirement?
ISO 5 engineering control required to be stationed inside ISO 7 buffer area
Which of the following must be cleaned every day in the buffer area and ante area?
Normal saline contains:
0.9% NaCl
Because of incompatibility, which of the following additives should be added first to a T.P.N. admixture that will contain calcium gluconate?
potassium phosphate
PCA pumps are used to administer:
The appearance of crystals in Mannitol injection indicates:
that the solution is cold and the crystals may be dissolved
What protective apparel must be worn when reconstituting a chemotherapeutic agent?
2 pairs of gloves, hair covering, and a mask
Which characteristic is important when preparing an IV admixture?
sterility, solubility, and stability
The most widely used reference book used in IV admixture program is the:
Handbook of Injectable Drugs