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  1. atomic nucleus
  2. Kinetic molecular theory
  3. oxidation-reduction reaction
  4. compound
  5. solution
  1. a An electron-transport reaction in which the molecules losing electrons become oxidized and those gaining electrons become reduced
  2. b a homogeneous mixture of ions or molecules of two or more substances
  3. c The central region of an atom
  4. d A kind of matter that consists of a specific number of atoms (or ions) joined to each other in a particular way and held together by chemical bonds
  5. e states that all matter is made up of tiny particles that are in constant motion

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  1. The weight of an atomic nucleus, expressed in atomic mass units (the sum of the protons and neutrons)
  2. Physical conditions of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) determined by the relative amounts of energy of the molecules
  3. The science concerns with the study of the composition, structure and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes
  4. The particle in the nucleus of an atom that has a positive electrical charge
  5. The ability to do work or cause things to move

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  1. matterAnything that has weight (mass) and takes up space (volume)


  2. chemical equationA ways of describing what happens in a chemical reaction


  3. formulaThe component that dissolves in a solvent


  4. acidscompounds that release hydroxide ions or accept hydrogen ions in a solution


  5. mass numberThe number of protons in an atom