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  1. dehydration synthesis reaction
  2. chemical equation
  3. chemical reaction
  4. bases
  5. atomic nucleus
  1. a A ways of describing what happens in a chemical reaction
  2. b The central region of an atom
  3. c compounds that release hydroxide ions or accept hydrogen ions in a solution
  4. d A reaction that results in the formation of a macromolecule when water is removed from between the two smaller component parts
  5. e The formation or rearrangement of chemical bonds, usually indicated in an equation by an arrow from the reactants to the products

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  1. The number of protons in an atom
  2. energy of motion
  3. Ionic compounds formed from a reaction between an acid and a base
  4. An atom of the same element that differs only in the number of neutrons
  5. A region surrounding an atomic nucleus that contains electrons moving at approximately the same speed and having approximately the same amount of kinetic energy

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  1. heatThe total internal kinetic energy of molecules


  2. ionElectrically unbalanced or charged atoms


  3. moleculesThe smallest particles of a chemical compound; the smallest naturally occurring parts of an element or a compound


  4. solutionThe component that dissolves in a solvent


  5. atomic weightThe weight of an atomic nucleus, expressed in atomic mass units (the sum of the protons and neutrons)


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