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the charge nurse on med/surg unit is using concepts of leadership and management to ensure functionality of the unit. The nurse understands that as a leader/manager, it is necessary to have which PRIMARY ability?
- use of chain of command
- follow guidelines
- provide feedback
- influence other
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fluidityexpert or leader spending on situation - nurses floatinggood leaders...empower influential positive inspiring kind team playercampaign for actionmobilize nurses, health care providers, consumers, educators, to strengthen nursing on multiple front% RN on hospital boards5% compared to 20% physiciansemotional intelligence 5 domainsself awareness motivation empathy social skills self regulation of emotionsnurse leaders do whatparticipate in workplace councils and committees, professional orgs, mentoring, policy making, showing upemotional awarenessbecome familiar with your emotions and how they affect you and othersaccurate self assessmentstrive to know your strengths and weaknessesself confidencebuild your self esteem and confidence by focusing on your strengthsmanaging emotionspractice emotional regulation - foster trust - respond in calm, measured, respectful way - avoid passive aggressive responsesmotivating self/othersfocus on achievable goals - practice delayed gratification - maintain positive and optimistic attitude in challengessocial relationshipscollab cooperation feedback conflict managementbullyinglateral violence repeated unwanted harmful actions intended to humiliate, offend and cause distress to peer___% report nurse bullying50%being empatheticvaluing different viewpoints showing sensitivity to experience others in ways that demonstrate the ability to understand another's perspective on a situation - engrained in what we do as nursessocial styleshelp determine your traits and how these correlate with your leadership traitsanalyticallikes structure dislike involvement wants to be right good problem solvingamiableshigh responsiveness personal relationships dislike personal conflict weak goal setting good listening/counselingdrivershigh assertiveness likes control works quickly good admin skillsexpressivessocial specialist likes involvement jumps from activity to activity good persuasive skills