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EET Vocabulary


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In class, I ________ the new words to the students.
= say something to help people understand
(give a presentation)
Each group had to _________ their ideas to the class.
= give some information by talking to a group of people.
(wrote a reflection)
After class, I ___________ on the lesson.
= think about what worked well and what could be improved.
I _________ the students work in pairs.
= tell somebody to do something
I ___________ the students into groups of 3.
= make smaller groups from a big group.
The instructor __________ ideas from the whole class and wrote them on the board. = asked people to share their ideas
(had a discussion)
The students __________ their ideas in groups of 3. = talked about
He gave ___________ to the class. = told them what to do
During the activity, the instructor __________ students and took notes. = watch and listen to students.
(get/offer clarification)
The students asked questions to ___________ the information. = make something clear
(do observations of)
Sometimes instructors __________ each other = to watch and think about something
(gave a description of)
The instructor ___________ the tool and how it is used. = say what something looks like
After the lesson, the instructor offered several ____________ about the how the activity worked. = ideas about how something affects students
When reflecting on a lesson, instructors often make _____________ about what helps students learn. = ideas about what helps students learn.
He did not ___________ to talk so long. = to have something as a plan before doing it.
(offer corrections to)
Sometimes teachers need to ________ students. = tell students the right answer if their answer is wrong
(The instructor gave two different assignments. Half got one article, and the other...)
The instructor __________ half of the class one article and the other half another article. = tell students what to do
The instructor gave students time to ____________ the new words from the previous day. = study again
set up
Instructors have to think about how to ________ activities. = make plans about how something will happen
(The class was engaging)
The students seemed very _____________. = interested and paying attention
call on
Sometimes instructors ___________ students to answer questions or share ideas. = ask a student to speak in front of the class.
Sometimes students raise their hands in class and _____________ answers. = to offer to do something without being asked
(The students were interacting with each other)
There was a lot of student-student ____________ in the class. = when people are talking or communicating with each other
(Repetition in practice is often helpful for students to learn).
Sometimes the teacher may need to ________ information. = say something again
(He was confident in his ability to use the tool.)
Instructors can help students build up their _________. = a feeling that you can do something
Sometimes one or two students can _________ a class discussion. = talk too much and not give other people time to speak.
(The activity challenged the students.)
A good practice activity should be _________. = not too easy and not too hard; a good level of difficulty
(The activity required creativity.)
Students often enjoy a chance to be __________. = use their imagination and think of new ideas
(The activity was confusing.)
The students seemed like they were ___________. = didn't understand how to do something
work on
The students need to __________ their math skills. = (two words) to practice and improve
find out
The teacher asked questions to _________ what the students already knew about the topic. = (two words) get information, learn about something
figure out
The students had to ___________ how much concrete to order. = (2 words) think and find a solution to a problem
The students ___________ the article to find the main ideas. = reading parts of a text to get the main ideas.
The students had to __________ the participant guide to find the correct information about scaffolds. = look at a text and find specific information
The students were doing a ___________ activity. = standing, having short conversations, and moving around to talk to different people
make guesses
The students looked at the picture and __________ about what was happening.
= give your ideas about something even if you are not sure.
After the conversation, the students __________ one thing about their partner to the class.
= say what someone said to you
The instructor tried to __________ the student's participation even though the answer was wrong. = to make someone feel that their ideas are respected.
The instructor gave the students __________ to help them improve. = saying what parts worked well and which parts need work
Working with a partner can have different __________ on students. = what happens after another thing happens
How did the activity __________ students? = cause changes in something
(His belief is that students...)
He __________ that students need a lot of practice to improve. = thinks that something is true
(Sometimes students have bad behavior because...)
Sometimes students _________ badly because they are bored. = the actions that people do
Students are making _________ in the class. = getting better.
(The instructor did an assessment of student skills.)
The instructor has to ___________ the students' skill level with the tools. = see how well somebody can do something or knows something
The instructor wrote an ____________ of the student. = statements about how well somebody did in a class, etc.
The instructor ____________ the activity so the students could see how to do it. = show students how to do an activity.
(He gave a good explanation.)
Sometimes students can ___________ things to each other. = use words to teach meaning, causes, effects, how something works, etc.
(The instructor gave a demonstration of how to do it.)
The instructor _____________ how to use the tool. = do something in front of others so that they can learn how to do it.
Instructors often need to think about how to _____________ difficult ideas. = make something easier to understand
Instructors often need to ____________ using to many difficult words in their lectures. = try not to do something