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Lead agency

EA (optional) - may do not required

Publish Notice of Intent (NOI) in Federal Register and newspaper etc.
-description of action, alternatives, scoping process, contact info
-first formal step

Scoping - solicit input from public and other agencies on issues and impacts
-extent of action: connected, similar, cumulative
-range of alternatives: No-action, reasonable alternatives, mitigation measures
-types of impacts: direct, indirect, cumulative
-other environmental laws: statutory redundancy & functional equivalency, CEQ guidance, 7 step process
-meetings: not required but often most efficient

Draft EIS

Circulate and review draft EIS
-publish in federal register if of national concern otherwise locally
-must conduct public hearing
-"quick review"; process and merit
-participating in the NEPA process: inform, negotiate, litigate
-required to file Notice of Draft EIS in Fed Reg
-45 day comment period, but may be extended

File Draft of EIS with EPA (previously CEQ)
-each Friday EPA lists EISs in Federal Register
-EPA Office of Federal Activities Website

EPA review
-actual environmental impact
-adequacy of the EIS

Public hearing (if necessary)

Prepare Final EIS
-must contain response to all comments received and discuss opposing views

Circulate FEIS

File FEIS with EPA

Adopt FEIS

Make Agency Decision - 30 after EPA file of FEIS

Record of Decision (ROD) - why agency has taken the proposed action

Supplement to EIS
-significant changes
-new circumstances
-handled in same manner as EIS - doesn't require scoping: NOI not needed
-focus only on sections that are altered

-2000 EISs filed in 1999
-around 500/year currently