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What does a project source represent?

A connection to a metadata db or an Intelligence Server

What are the 3 tools integrated in MSTR Desktop?

1) Designer/Analyst 2) Architect 3) Administration

Describe the Desktop tool in terms of the Designer and Analyst components

Designer: Enables complex report and document development | Analyst: Simplified version providing interactivity; slice & dice capabilities

Describe the Desktop tool in terms of the Architect component

Facilitates data mapping from the DW. It's an abstraction layer that translates operational data into familiar business terms

Describe the Desktop tool in terms of the Administration component

Enables user management, security, Iserver configurations

What does the metadata database do in terms of the MSTR architecture?

Contains info that facilitates data retrieval from the DW; stores MSTR object definitions and info about the DW; maps MSTR objects to the DW structures and content; Used to translate user requests to SQL; Stores definitions of all MSTR objects; enables sharing of objects

What does the ETL process do in terms of the MSTR framework?

Stores info about the the source system structure and content; Stores info about the DW structure and content; Stores info about the source system structure and content to the DW; Provides info to extraction tools that execute the transfer of data from the source to the DW

What are the qualities of an OLAP system with regards to Organization of Data; Data Retention; Data Integration; Data Storage; Usage?

Org: by dimension and business subject; Retention: long term (2-5 yrs); Integration: High, per the ETL process; Storage: TBs; Usage: Batch load, Reporting Read-only. spiked usage during DW loads

What are the qualities of an OLTP system with regards to Organization of Data; Data Retention; Data Integration; Data Storage; Usage?

Org: By workflow per application; Retention: short term (2-6 months); Integration: minimal/none; Storage: GBs; Usage: Realtime, write/update, evenly distributed usage, transactional data

The MSTR BI Architecture is comprised of which components?

Source system; Data Warehouse; ETL process; Metadata database; MSTR applications

What does the History Project Icon represent?

Use to retrieve scheduled reports. Only available if using Iserver.

What does the My Personal Object Project Icon represent?

Use to store objects that I create, and that are only visible to me. Can create add'l subfolders here.

What does the Public Objects Project Icon represent?

Contains objects that can be viewed by all users depending on permissions/privileges. Contains many subfolders that are organized by type.

What does the Schema Objects Project Icon represent?

Contains objects that represent the business data model such as facts, attributes, and hierarchies.

What does the Data Explorer Project Icon represent?

A browsing tool that contains hierarchies enabling you to navigate the warehouse data and relationships for the project.

What is the Shortcut Bar?

It contains shortcuts to various folders and MSTR functionality.

What are the 3 types of MSTR objects you can create in Desktop?

Schema, Application, and Configuration

What are some examples of Schema objects?

Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies, Transformations, Partitions

What are some examples of Application objects?

Metrics, Templates, Filters, Consolidations, Custom Groups, Reports, Documents, Prompts

What are some examples of Configuration objects?

Database connections entries, Security entries

Complete this sentence: Metrics are combinations of ____ and ____.

Facts and Operations

What is an Object Shortcut?

A link to an existing MSTR object - linked to a report, document, folder, etc.

Complete this sentence: A grouping of Attributes makes a ____.


What makes a Report?

A Template and Filter

What is a View?

An additional qualification after a filter is applied. It requires OLAP Services. No new SQL is generated.

What is a Filter?

A qualification in a report. It specifies the conditions that the data must meet to be included in the report results.

What is a Template?

It specifies what information to retrieve from the DW and how this info will be displayed in the report results.

True or False: An empty Filter is still a Filter


What are the 2 different representations of Templates?

Cross-tab and Tabular

Provide some examples of what objects a Template might contain.

Metrics, Attributes, Consolidations, Custom Groups, Object Prompts

What are the types of Report Display modes?

Design, Grid, Graph, Grid-Graph, SQL

What does Drilling enable?

Allows you to see data at levels other than that of the original report grid or graph.

What are the 4 kinds of Drill actions?

Drill down, Drill up, Drill across (different Hierarchy), Drill to different Template

What are the 3 different ways to execute the Drill function?

Double click to drill down, right-click to get drill path, drill icon in Toolbar

Name some of the Data Manipulation methods.

Drilling, Page-by, Data Pivoting

What Data Manipulation method enables you to select and display subsets of report results as separate pages?


What Data Manipulation method enables you to rearrange columns and rows in a report to view the data in different perspectives?

Data pivoting

Describe what Subtotals represent.

Reflect accumulations at selected Attribute levels and are applied dynamically

What are the 3 different ways to apply Subtotals?

By position (suppress all subtotals and provide grand total); Across lvls (subtotals for selected Attributes); Group-by (subtotals for grouping of Attributes)

____ enables you to specify the order in which data in a report for a particular column or row is presented in either ascending or descending order.


What are the 2 different types of Sorting

Quick sort (one row or column at a time - only in grid view); Advanced sort (multiple objects - grid, graph, grid-graph)

____ enables indented grouping of related Attributes

Outline mode

How are Outline mode and Subtotals related?

Subtotals must be enabled in order for Outline mode to function accurately

What views allow Printing?

Grid, Graph, Grid-Graph, and SQL (everything but Design)

What are the Export formats available to users?

Excel, Word, Access, plain text, HTML


Predefined formatting properties

Describe Thresholds

Enables you to format report values based on (a) condition(s)

How can a Threshold be reapplied elsewhere?

A Threshold can be copied and pasted to other Metrics.

True or False: A Threshold can have multiple conditions


Describe Banding and its significance

It is a method of organizing/formatting the appearance of report results according to certain criteria

What is the significance of Locking Column/Row headers?

Allows vertical or horizontal scrolling without losing sight of the headers

True or False: you cannot make property changes to a Graph


Describe the differences between a Report and View filter with regards to the SQL Generation

Report: SQL generated every time a change is made; often affects the WHERE clause | View: no SQL generated

Describe the differences between a Report and View filter with regards to object references

Report: Any object whether or not it's in the report | View: Only objects in the Report Objects window

Describe the differences between a Report and View filter with regards to when they are applied

Report: Before SQL generation and transmission to DW | View: After data is retrieved from DW

What are the difference kinds of Report Filters?

Attribute Qualification; Set Qualification (on a metric, used with a value, rank, or percent); Shortcut to a Report (report results used as qualification); Shortcut to Filter (embedding a Filter)

What are the 3 types of Attribute Qualifications?

Attribute Form; Attribute Elements, Date

When a Report Filter has multiple conditions, they are combined with Set Operators. What are the 4 kinds?


True or False: When using a Set Qualification, the metric used in the Set also needs to be included in the Template


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