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a skill that has been developed


the ability or potential for learning new skills

Career Portfolio

collection of information about oneself


the personality or activity by which a person is known


the thing a person enjoys doing or thinking about

Interest Inventory

an assessment that helps people identify their interest areas

Learning Style

natural method or way one thinks or learns


typical way of life


the combination of attitude, values, interests, and behaviors that identify a person


one who puts off doing things or making decisions


the way in which a person views their own self-worth


the ability to perform a certain activity well


personal standards by which one lives


A personal evaluation to help you make decisions

Personality Trait

An individual characterstic that helps one determine their personality

Work Values

Standards one believes is important about their work

Personality Type

A group of characteristics that collective form a general group of people with similiar interests, values, and behaviors


A belief, understanding, and recognition of one's own abilities

Study Skills

Determining the best way for an individual to study, remember, or learn

Listening Skills

Hearing, learning, and retaining verbal information

Career Interest Area

Jobs with similiar work actvities

Brain Orientation

Way in which one uses or utilitizes the brain best

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