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Able to speak two languages

What two languages are spoken in Canada?

English and French

What type of government does the US have?



A government in which the people elect thier own officials

What plan of government does the US have?


What type of healthcare and educational systems do the US and Canada have?

US: private healthcare
Canada: Public healthcare
Both: Public and private schools

What is the literacy rate in the US?


What is the birthplace of Jazz?

New Orleans, LA

What was the Underground Railroad?

An informal network of safehouses that helped thousands of slaves escape their way north to freedom

In what state can communication with the government be in Spanish or English?

New Mexico

What is the president's cabinet?

The president's cabinet is made up of a group of advisors.

When did the US become a dominate source of entertainment?

In the early 1900s, with places like Coney Island.

What is the collective governing body of Canada?


What is the tendency of population to be concentrated in cities?


Canada was originally a ________ of Great Britian.


A large number of the early colonists of Canada were

Loyalist who left the American Colonies

The US and Canada differ in thier

population density

Short Answer: Why did the US and Canada encourage settlment during the 1800s?

To decrease the overcrowding in East Coast cities
They wanted people to settle and FARM to produce foods for people in cities

Short Answer: How did immigration and industrialization affect the arts in North America?

immigrants brought from other parts of the world varied arts and cultures
with industrialization immigrants lived near one another in cities & mixed thier arts an cutlures

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