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  1. horizontal merger
  2. corporate bylaws
  3. board of directors
  4. merger
  5. C corporation
  1. a A corporate restructuring that occurs when two formerly independent business entities combine to form a new organization.
  2. b The individuals who are elected by stock- holders of a corporation to represent their interests
  3. c The basic rules governing how a corporation is organized and how it conducts its business
  4. d The most common type of business corporation, where ownership offers limited liability to all of its owners, also called stockholders.
  5. e A combination of two firms that are in the same industry

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  1. A corporation that does not seek to earn a profit and differs in several fundamental respects from general corporations.
  2. The contractual arrangement between a franchisor and franchisee that spells out the duties and responsibilities of both parties.
  3. A form of business ownership in which the business is considered a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners
  4. A detailed description of all aspects of a franchise that the franchisor must provide to the franchisee at least 14 calendar days before the franchise agreement is signed.
  5. A form of business ownership that offers both limited liability to its owners and flexible tax treatment

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  1. stockholderAn owner of a corporation.


  2. institutional investorA combination of two firms that are in the same industry


  3. sole proprietorshipA form of business ownership with a single owner who usually actively manages the company


  4. limited liability partnershipA form of partnership in which all partners have the right to participate in management and have limited liability for company debts.


  5. conglomerate mergerA combination of two firms that are in the same industry