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anatomy and physiology practice for bones' parts; high school level


ends of the bone; increase load bearing surface


shaft of the bone; hollow so the bone is not too heavy

epiphyseal line

where the epiphysis and diaphysis meet; where the bones grow in length

spongy bone

at the head of the epiphysis and beginning of diaphysis

medullary cavity

hollowed out section of shaft; stores blood cells


covering the layer of the bone; protective layer where there is no articular cartilage

compact spongy bone

surrounds bone; gives strength to the hollow part of the bone

bone marrow

what's in the medullary canal; blood cells are made here

articular cartilage

on ends of bone; stops the ends of bones from rubbing together and absorbs the shock


in front of and behind the patella; produces synovial fluid; keep ligament off bone to prevent wear

synovial fluid

underneath synovial capsule; to lubricate

synovial capsule

behind the end of the femur; ligaments to hold joint together


strip underneath patella; further strength articulation


bumps on bone that increase surface area for muscle attachment

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