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  1. Chromosomes
  2. Liver
  3. Tundra
  4. Bacteria
  5. cell wall
  1. a threadlike structures made of DNA molecules that contain the genes
  2. b single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus; prokaryotes
  3. c a rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cells of plants and some other organisms
  4. d a vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line
  5. e Large organ just above the stomach that produces bile

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  1. the longest organ that completes the chemical digestion of food and absorbs the nutrients
  2. organ that begins with the cecum and ends with the rectum.
  3. cells without nucleus
  4. the relationship between two animals competing for food. makes it harder for both of them.
  5. starches and sugars, gives energy. ex: glucose

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  1. pepsinEnzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach


  2. Pancreasan organ that releases enzymes and juices to break food down at the end of the stomach


  3. ribosomessite of protein synthesis


  4. SuccessionEnzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach


  5. Enzymesa part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction