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Religion Fill in the blank with word bank on Exam

canon of Scripture
The writings of Sacred Scripture that are approved by the Church as the inspired word of God and the ____.
Old Testament
The 46 books of the ____ center on the Covenant that God made with the chosen people, the Jews.
New Testament
The ____ centers on the new and everlasting Covenant God made with humankind through Jesus Christ.
The Ten Commandments, or ____, gave shape to the living of the Covenant.
Jesus became fully human in all things except ___ without losing his divinity.
Accounts of the appearance of the Risen Lord to his disciples are called _____ narratives.
Writings that report "Jesus did this" are called ____ narratives.
Sections of the Gospels detailing the suffering and death of Jesus are called ____ narratives.
Mark;s account of the Gospel is filled with _____.
Paschal Mystery
We call the saving work of the suffering, dying, and rising of Jesus the ____.
____ is at the heart of good discipleship.
_____ helps us practice discipline and work towards the achievement of life-enriching goals.
The ____ are signs of Christ's work among us.
The Gospel of Matthew consists of _____ main discourses.
The five discourses in Matthew's Gospel deliberately ____ the Torah's fivefold organization.
Many scholars believe that Matthew wrote his Gospel for ___ who became followers of Christ.
The ____ are a series of statements describing those people who are truly blessed by God.
ecumenical council
An _______ is a gathering of the entire leadership of the Catholic Church called or approved by the pope.
___ well-known parables are found only in the Gospel of Luke.
Luke the Evangelist was a ___ who became a follower of Christ.
Jesus began his public ministry by preaching in _____.
When Jesus returned to his home town of _____, he preached and was rejected by the people.
The Church uses the word ____ to describe the process of turning our lives back to God.
jubilee year
A _____ was a celebration every fifty years when all debts were forgiven or cancelled.
a Jewish community
The author of the Gospel of John wrote for a ____ struggling between its traditional faith and Christianity.
raising of Lazarus
The most powerful sign in the Book of Signs is the _____.
_____ is the honest and critical evaluation of our lives and the things that affect our lives.
There are _____ Pauline letters in the New Testament attributed to Paul the Apostle.
In Paul's time, an ____ was a formal letter derived from a word meaning "to send."
Letters to the Romans
The ____, which is the longest letter in the New Testament, was written by Paul.
Paul's writing style in Romans is based on the artor _____.
Paul celebrates the gift of _____ God freely gives us in Baptism.
sanctifying grace
_____ is the grace that heals out human nature wounded by sin by giving us a share in the life of God.
actual grace
In _______, God gives us the help to conform our lives to his will.
sacramental grace
____ is a gift from the Holy Spirit to help us live out our Christian vocation.
The first Christian community established by Paul was in the city of _____ in northeastern Greece.
The three letters were written on one sheet of ____ to conserve space.
A _____ is an effective or beneficial quality within us that helps us do good and not evil.
The ____ is the teaching authority and responsibility of the pope and bishops.
___ are types of letters the pope writes to the Church to guide us in living the Gospel.
Philippi was visited by Paul on his ___ missionary journey.
Body of Christ
One of the key teachings of Paul is that hte Church is the ______.
Colossae was a city locates in modern-day ____.
Paul uses imagery to remain the Colossians to ____ their Baptism like a garment.
The Church uses the word "eucharistein," for the sacrament of ___.