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When Miguel goes to the land of the Dead, he is told that he is cursed because he stole from the dead. What is the only way he can get back to the land of the living?
Receive a blessing from his family
Frida Kahlo tells Miguel that he has the spirit of an ______.
Miguel and Héctor get a guitar from Chicharrón. Chich tells Héctor that , if he wants the guitar, he has to earn it. What does he have to do?
Play and sing a song
When there is no one left in the living world that remembers you, you disappear from the land of the dead. What is this called?
The final death
What song do Miguel and Héctor sing at the competition in the Land of the Dead?
Poco Loco
Miguel says that he does not want to just get De la Cruz's blessing. He wants to prove that he's _____ of it.
After the performance at the competition int he Land of the Dead, Miguel says that Héctor doesnt want to help him because he only cares about what?
Miguel tells Mamá Imelda that she is trying to ruin his life because she is trying to take away what?
Mamá Imelda tells Miguel that she used to love music, but when she had Coco, something was suddenly more _____.
How does Miguel sneak into the Pre-Sunrise Spectacular party at Ernesto De la Cruz's house?
He hides in a tuba
Ernesto de la Cruz tells Miguel that "one cannot deny what one is __________ to be."
What is the dog's name?
Héctor tells Miguel that the Land of the Dead runs on what?
What is the name of the concert De la Cruz puts on every Día de los Muertos?
Sunrise Spectacular
In the beginning, Miguel states that he believes that his familiy is the only family in México that doesn't like what?
What is Miguel's family's business?
Making shoes
How is Ernesto de la Cruz killed (the first time)?
Crushed by a bell
In what year did Ernesto de la Cruz die (initially)?
Héctor gets into De la Cruz's party by pretending to be who?
Frida Kahlo
Initially, it is believe that Héctor died from food poisoning. However,he finds out differently. How did he actually die?
Ernesto de la Cruz poisoned him
Who is the only living person that remembers Héctor (until the end)?
What is the name of the song that Héctor wrote for his daughter, Coco?
Remember Me
Why did Ernesto de la Cruz murder Héctor?
For his songs
What is an alebrije?
Spirit guide/animal
What flowers are used for Día de los Muertos?
In the end, how does Miguel help Mamá Coco remember her father, Héctor, again?
Playing guitar and singing "Remember Me"
Miguel is sent home by Héctor and Mamá Imelda with no conditions. What promise does Miguel make to Héctor as he is being sent back to the Land of the Living?
He will not let Coco forget him
Why does Ernesto de la Cruz attempt to kill Miguel?
so that he cannot go back to the land of the living and put up Hector's photo so that his memory could live on
Who is really Miguel's Great-Grandfather?
What does Día de los Muertos translate into in English?
Day of the Dead
At the beginning, Miguel says that sometimes he thinks he is _____ because of something that happened before he was born.
What saying is Ernesto de la Cruz famous for saying?
"Seize your moment"
Why does Abuelita say to never name a street dog?
They'll follow you around forever
Miguel's mother says that they have to make a clear path with the flower petals. The petals have to do what?
Guide spirits
Mama Imelda
Miguel's Great Great Grandmother
Miguel's dog
Ernesto de la Cruz
famous singer