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reserve labor force

a _______ is made up of the unemployed who can be put to work during times of high production and laid off when the company doesn't need them anymore

straight democracy

a form of democracy in which eligible voters meet together to discuss issues and make their decisions

women don't have the biological drive to become the leader of the hunt

"all except one of the following are conditions theorists believe to be a universal basis of patriachy." which shouldnt be included?

emotional fullfillment of the members

according to the functionalist perspective all of the following are essential functions of family except--

spatial nearness

homogamy-why does it happen?

george, 54 years old, a banker and investor

which of the following will be most likely to vote in a presidental election?

information explosion

according to bell, key elements of industrial society is_______

may contribute to isolation and overload

according to the nuclear family, they.....

focuses on how economic intisutions affect the family

conflict theorists _________________

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