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Theology Ch. 1&2

Inspired & Inerrant
Inspired = "breathed in" (speech of God) - The HS "breathed in the human authors.
Inerrant = that it does not err.
Principal author of SS (Sacred Scripture)
* are there true authors besides God? -Explain
HS. Yes, human authors - "God Breathed"
What is the purpose of SS?
Salvation, Teaching
What is the "Tripod of Truth"?
Which came first, the Bible or the CH? Why?
CH, b/c early Christians gather regularly every Sunday.
Infallibility - 1st Kind =
2nd Kind =
Example of an infallible teaching...
B/C of the divine help of Christ himself, the CH cannot teach error in matters of faith.
1st = ex cathedra = "from the chair" - pope proclaims by a definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals.
2nd = bishops gather w/ pope regarding faith & morals.
ex: F: assumption M: abortion
Metaphor of the Incarnation to the SS
Like Christ, the Bible is both human & divine.
List & Define the 4 senses of Scripture
1. Literal Sense: what the auth. intends to express; "by the letter".
2. Spiritual Sense:
What is Salvation History?
God's p.o.v - His plan of salvation
= exchange of persons
What is the canon? (& literally means)
official list of inspired books "measuring rod/ rule"
Dueterocanonical (literally means)
second canon
Explain the relationship b/t the Old & New Testament
N.T fulfills O.T
Relation b/t Gen 5:1 and Mt. 1:1 (focus on word genealogy)
Genealogy: Mt. was telling us Christ was the new Adam. Scripture begins with Adam & ends w/ Christ
What are 4 sources found in the Old Testament?
Pentateuch means; written by?
* What is the Greek for:
Genesis, Exodus, and Deuteronomy
5 Books; Moses
* G: Beg. Ex: Out of D: Second Law
What are 4 types of books in the Old Testament?
1. J: Yahwist = frequently use the Divine name "Yahweh"
2. E: Elohist = referred to God as "Elohim"
3. D: Deuteronomistic = identified as orig. aut. of Deuteronomy
4. P: Priestly = editor of all 5 books
A person/ event that points to a future person/ event.