4 Chap 4 Congenital heredity

Mosaicism DOES NOT results from chromosome nondisjunction occurring in the ovum before fertilization.
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Both are used to obtain fetal cells for evaluation; the fetal cells are grown in the lab by tissue culture techniques and later used to determine the karyotype of cells. The karyotype will help determine abnormalities in chromosomal number or structure. Analysis of the fetal DNA will help determine presence of genetic diseases.

Amniocentesis examines amnionic fluid obtained anytime between the 14th to 18th week of pregnancy.

Chorionic villi sampling examines fetal cells obtained without extracting amnionic fluid during the 8th to 10th week of pregnancy; it involves less risk, with results obtained earlier, but is more technically difficult to perform and may lead to spontaneous abortion and limb deformities.