Biol 1C Midterm 2


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alpha cells
produce and secrete glucagon
beta cells
produce and secrete insulin
alpha and beta cells location
islet of langerhans in the pancreas
sensor cells
alpha and beta cells
insulin and glucagon
secreted by beta cells, produced when high levels of glucose, after a meal!
secreted by alpha cells, produced when low levels of glucose, fasting!
response to after a meal
insulin binds to:
-muscle cells
-liver cells
-brain cells
-fat cells (adipocytes)
response to fasting
glucagon binds to:
-fat cells (adipocytes
-liver cells
effect of glucagon binding to it's cells
-in fat cells, it binds to the adipocyte, which then releases fatty acids
-it binds to the liver cells, which allows for the breakdown of the stored liver glycogen
effect of insulin binding to it's cells
-in muscle cells, it binds to the muscle cells causing an increase in the number of glucose transport proteins found in the membrane, it also stores glucose as glycogen
-in liver cells, the insulin binds to the liver cells and takes in glucose as glycogen
-in fat cells, the glucose and fatty acids are stored as triglycerides
-in brain cells, it suppresses apetite
insulin receptor
tyrosine kinase, these receptors are found in the liver, fat, brain, and muscle cells
glucagon receptor
g-coupled protein, these receptors are found in the fat cells and the liver cells