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underlying assumption:
.. Consumption embedded in social and cultural practices
.. focus on the role of consumption in people's lives as individuals and groups

relation to sustainability in literature:
.. Weak // often seen as in opposition to, or neutral toward, concept of sustainability
.. sees sustainable consumption as a problematic concept with inherent tensions

how to achieve sustainable consumption:
.. All consumption has important social roles and purposes
.. sustainable consumption needs to take into account cultural and social aspects of consumption

roles and responsibilities of different social actors:
.. Existing social actors are resistant to change—wider social, economic, and political transitions are necessary to address sustainability;
.. Individuals: less emphasis on their actions
.. Public policy: could limit promotion of symbolic function of new consumer goods, could promote more sustainable ways of fulfilling social and cultural needs; limits imposed by other development goals
.. Marketers: may be unwilling to promote new ways of fulfilling social and cultural needs because of reduced growth potential
.. Civil society/media: promotion of civil discourse about redirection of social and cultural functions of consumption

groups to which it appeals:
.. Potential appeal to environmentalists and critical scholars of consumption seeking a richer conceptualization of sustainable consumption

groups to which it does not appeal:
.. Environmentalist with normative concerns and working within positivist framework; consumption scholars concerned with positive cultural aspects of consumption and who are unhappy with the normative approach to consumption