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1st amendment

R.A.P.P.S. Freedom of religion, asembly, press, petition, and speech

2nd amendment

right to bear arms

3rd amendment

a person cannot be forced to house a soilder with out their permission

4th amendment

protects people from unreasonable searches of their house or themselves. / police must have a warrant to enter a house

5th amendment

you may not be trialed twice for the same crime. / protects people from being held for commiting a crime unless they are properly accused

6th amendment

cannot be in jail for over a year without having a trial.

7th amendment

Civil and Criminal trials:
Civil trial- when someone sues someone else
Criminal trial- when state tries to convict someone of a crime

8th amendment

punishments will be fair and not cruel, and large fines will not be set

9th amendment

any rights not stated in the constitution belong to the poeple

10th amendment

any power not granted to the federal gov. is granted to the states

11th amendment

judicail powers does not extend to any lawsuit prosecuted against the U.S. by citizens of another state or foreign country

12th amendment

the elections of Pres. and VP / prevents repeat of of election of 1800

13th amendment

slavery is no more (reconstruction amendment)

14th amendment

rights extended to all people (reconstruction amendment)

15th amendment

everyone can be able to vote no mater race or color(reconstruction amendment)

16th amendment

congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on income

17th amendment

senatorss will be forthwith be elected by the people of the state they represent

18th amendment

the manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol is illegal

19th amendment

gave women the right to vote / TN, was the last state to ratify

20th amendment

Lame duck/ pres. term of election ends Jan 20, senators and reps. ends Jan 3

21st amendment

repealing the 18th, drinking is legal again

22nd amendment

no person shall be elected into office more than once

23rd amendment

gave distric of columbia rights to vote (3 electors)

24th amendment

will not be able to vote if taxes are not payed

25th amendment

VP takes over pres if anything happens to him

26th amendment

can vote at age 18

27th amendment

no law, varying the compresation for the services of the senators and reps., shall take effect until an election of reps shall have intervened

popular sovereignty

people rule not direct rule


people exercise their power for voting for representatives


sharing of power of states and federal government


i forbid

limited government

only the power given by the constitution and nothing more


a living document meaning it can be changed

executitive branch

forces laws

judicial branch

interpretes laws

legislature branch

makes the laws

article V

amending or changing the constitution


an improvement or reinvision

bill of rights

first 10 amendments

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