English Vocabulary 2019


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Resilient (Adj.)
To bounce back quickly
Nostalgia (Noun)
a wistful desire to return to thought or in fact a former time in one in one's life
Apprehensive (Noun)
fear that something bad will happen
Voracious (Adj.)
devouring or craving in great qualities
Self advocacy (Action)
making your own decisions/Speaking for yourself
-Ious (Suffix)
full of
Indifferent (Adj.)
Disputatious (Adj.)
argumentative; fond of arguing
Gratuitous (Adj.)
unnecessary or uncalled for
Tenacious (Adj.)
tough; stubborn
Egregious (Adj.)
really bad or offensive
Hubris (Noun)
excessive pride
Sycophant (Noun)
bootlicker tries to gain likability points by flattering
Antiquated (Adj.)
old-fashioned; obsolete
Gregarious (Adj.)
Nefarious (Adj.)
extremely wicked
Dysphemism (Noun)
substituting a polite term with a harsh term

ex. stolen instead of fell of the back of the truck
Quagmire (Noun)
a dangerous situation from which it is difficult to free one's self
Euphemism (Noun)
substituting a harsh term with a polite term

ex. pregnancy termination instead of abortion
convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader
Superfluous (Adj.)
unnecessary and excessive
persuades audience using emotional appeal
Impeccable (Adj.)
wiithout flaw or error
persuades audience using logic or reason
Colloquial (Adj.)
conversational or common speech
Zeitgeist (Noun)
spirit of the time/ what is going on
Innocuous (Adj.)
Spurious (Adj.)
not genuine; false
Conundrum (Noun)
a difficult problem
Prolific (Adj.)
present in large amounts
-ment (Suffix/Noun)
the action or process of doing
Atonement (Noun)
apology for doing something wrong