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  1. poner los platos en el lava platos
  2. vaciar la papelera
  3. fregar (ie)
  4. el lavabo
  5. el inodoro
  1. a toilet
  2. b to empty the wastebasket
  3. c to clean, scrub wash
  4. d sink
  5. e to put dishes in the dishwasher

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  1. to clear the table
  2. to take out the trash
  3. in the living room
  4. to iron clothes
  5. to clean the bathtub

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  1. sacudir los mueblesto plant trees


  2. sacar la mala hierbato take out the trash


  3. los quehaceres domésticoshousework


  4. la secadoraclothes dryer


  5. colgar (ue) la ropato iron clothes


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