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  1. en la cocina
  2. limpiar la cocina
  3. barrer el piso
  4. limpiar la bañera
  5. en el jardín
  1. a to clean the stove
  2. b to sweep the floor
  3. c in the kitchen
  4. d to clean the bathtub
  5. e in the yard

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  1. to straighten up
  2. to water flowers
  3. to empty the wastebasket
  4. in the dining room
  5. clothes dryer

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  1. poner la mesato clear the table


  2. planchar la ropato iron clothes


  3. cortar el céspedto cut the grass


  4. colgar (ue) la ropato iron clothes


  5. pasar la aspiradora por la alfombrato vacuum the carpet