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WHAP Ch 6 and 7 Test

Islam means
Is the statement "Islam is a monotheistic religion" accurate?
What culture found in the Arabian peninsula was most significant in shaping the developement of Islam?
The Bedouins
What clan was reponsible for the foundation of Mecca?
The Umayyad clan
What in Muhammad's background may have influenced his acceptance of monotheism?
Muhammad came into contact with many monotheists during long distant trading expeditions.
What was the Ka'aba?
It began as a center of trade and emerged as a focal point of prayer.
What was the nature of pre-Islamic bedouin religion?
Blend of animism and polytheism
What was the initial response of the Umayyads to Muhammad's new faith?
Regarded him as a threat to their wealth and power as he questioned the traditional gods of the Ka'aba
What was the Umayyad sponse to Muhammad's migration to Medina and subsequent success there?
Mecca and Medina went to war, resulting in the eventual victory of Muhammad and the Medina clans
What was Muhammad's teaching with respect to the revelations of other monotheistic religions?
Muhammad accepted the validity of earlier Christian and Judaic revelations and taught that his own revelations were a final refinement and reformulation of ealier ones.
Which of the following is NOT among the five pillars of Islam?
Pilgrimage to Medina
According to Islamic traditions, the Quran was compiled from what?
Muhammad's revelations from Allah
In what way did the expansion of the Islamic faith progress through the rest of the Arab peninsula?
in violent warfare as Islam was challanged by polytheists and the ruling elite (check me on this!)
The office of the political and religious successor of Muhammad was called?
The term jihad in Islam refers to what?
a holy striving of word and deed against non-believers and against evil in the individual soul
The political and theological faction within Islam that recognized only Ali and the descendents of the family of Muhammad as rightful ruler was called this
The Shi'is
The Abbasids moved the political center of their empire to where?
What was the result of the first civil war between Ali and the Umayyads?
Ali's faction fell apart, despite their early successes, which led to an eventual Umayyad victory and assasination of Ali
Why did the Aran warriors not want to convert large numbers of people to Islam?
They would have had to share their booty and would have lost tax revenue.
What happened after Muhammad's death in 632?
Many of the Bedouin tribes renounced Islam.
Which of the following groups did NOT revolt against Abbasid rule?
Under the Abbasid caliphate, the capital of the Islamic empire was where?
What was the fictional account of life at the court of the Caliph al-Rashid?
The Thousand and One Nights
What was the result of the civil wars following the death of al-Rashid?
Personal armies (often with slaves) were built up as a result of disputes over succesion
Is the following statement concerning women during the Abbhasid era accurate?
"Women often married at puberty, age nine."
The origin of the split between Shia and Sunnis was indicative of what?
Disagreements over who would become caliph
Which of the following is NOT true of slavery in the Islamic world?
It was not based on ethnicity (check me on this).
What group successfully captured Baghdad in 1055?
The Seljuk Turks
What was the religious affiliation of the Seljuk Turks?
The Sunnis
Who was the Muslim leader responsible for the reconquest of most of the territories belonging to the Christian Crusaders?
What was the impact of the Crusades on Islam?
Christians adopted military techniques, words, scientific learning, and Arabic numerals among other things
What was the primary written language of the later Abbasid court?
Which of the following statements concerning the Sufi movement within Islam is most accurate?
The Sufi movement incorporated mysticism with a trend toward evangilism.
Islam quickly expanded through military means but why were Sufi missionaries so successful later on?
The combined deep deep personal devotion to Islam with a tolerace for regional culture.
What was the impact of the Crusades on Islam?
Islamic society was only slightly impacted in the long run.
What was the most critical cultural advance as a result of the increased contact between Muslims and Indian civilization?
Muslims adopted the Indian system of mathamatical notation.
What groups were most responsible for the conversion of Indians to Islam?
Traders and Sufi mystics
What groups in India were most likely to convert to Islam?
Buddhists and low caste Hindus
In general, how did Islam spread in southeast Asia?
Port cities were points of dissemination to other links in trading networks.
Essay(Ch.6&7) What was the essential dispute within Islam over the succession to the Prophet?
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Essay(Ch.6&7) Describe the general economy of the later Abbasid empire. Include a comparitive evaluation of urban and rural economies.
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