105 terms

Mr Arrington midterm

not all the questions but some main ones
Henry IV
The French king who converted to Catholicism from Protestantism and who later issued the Edict of Nantes.
In France, the Protestant minority of Calvinists
Jan Hus
Bohemian reformer, martyred for his views.
As a reaction to the Protestant Reformation, he participated in the Catholic Counter-reformation and established the jesuit order.
The Edict of Nantes granted religious toleration to which minority?
Mary Tudor become known as "Bloody Mary" because she persecuted and killed many of who?
Philip II of spain
Queen Mary Tudor married who?
Ulrich Zwingli
Swedish reformer
English Calvinists
Jon calvin
institutes of the Christian Religion
Act of Supremacy (Date?)
Battle of Lepanto (Date?)
St Bartholomew's Day Massacre (Date?)
Spanish Armada (Date?)
Turks overturn Constantinople (Date?)
Dutch for farmer
Boer (translation?)
HRE Charles V
Charles I of spain became who?
Conquered Aztecs
Da Gama
First to reach india by sea
Something full of weevils
Killed by Filipinos
Famous map maker
Treaty of Tordesillas
New word divided
Discovered the Pacific Ocean
Conquered Incas
De Leon
Explored the area now called Florida for spain
His invention helped navigators accurately calculate longitude
Conquest of the Aztecs by Cortez
Best example of the way the spanish expanded into and explored the new world
Extremely helpful to sailors because they showed the curvature of the earth
Local African rulers raided defenseless villages in search of unsuspecting victims
in order to obtain slaves for sale to europeans...
Kings officer, in spain
Kings officer, in France
Political authority of the king
The peoples property
Artillery soldior
Compagnies d'ordonnance
Paid or hired soldier
King Wenceslas
Patron saint of the Bohemians
Dishonest or deceitful
Definition of Disingenuous
The costly palas built by Louis XIV, that became the envy of all European Monarchs.
insisting on his right to govern through divine rights
James 1st of England alienated most of the members of parliament by what?
Petition of Right
Maintained that the king could pass no new tax without the consent of parliament.
the effectiveness of Oliver Cromwell's new model army
the Parliamentarians were successful in the English civil war because...?
Thomas Hobbes
Stated that life was Nasty. Brutish, and short and men needed a strong government to maintain order
Emphasizing the social contract between the people and government
Jon Locke was responsible for...?
the prince is not bound by law
Princeps legibus solutus
the will of the prince has the force of the law
Quicquid principi placuit legis habet vigorem
Tied to the land
Adscriptus glebae
Defenestration of prague
Casus belli of the 30 year war
Cardinal Richelieu
shrewd political genius and military strategist that administered the 30 year war for louis XIII
Guy Fawkes
plotted to blow up the house of lords in the gunpowder plot
Forest Eyre
Fine for hunting on the kings land that charles I revived
Declaration of Breda
document, agreed to by Charles II, established that the English Parliament would settle Future religious issues
Darien Scheme
Scottish plan to raise money by transshipping goods for the other European powers from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean
letter of majesty
Majestatsbrief means...?
Fire and Sword
with what did William threatened the scottish lairds if they did not swear allegiance
Glorious revolution
what occurred in1688?
salt tax
what was Gabelle?
king of Sweden
who was Gustavus Adolphus?
between kings
interregnum means?
supporters of James II
who were the Jacobites
English calvinists
who were Puritans
the Cromwell's were also known as?
direct tax
what was the Taille?
when was the killing time?
Sale of royal offices
what was Venality
Treaty of Union
What treaty stated that scotland would settle future religious issues in scotland .
Charle I's attempts to arrest dissenting members of the parliament in the house of Commons
Casus belli of the English Civil war
Prussian noble
Quid pro quo
latin for "one thing or another"
Peter I
Tsar known for westernizing Russia
dynasty that ruled in Austria
dynasty that ruled in Prussia
Dynasty that ruled in Russia, starting with Mikhail.
Morituri te salutamus
phrase meaning "we who are about to die salute the"
Russian Noble
Time of Trouble
period of trouble after Ivan IV died without an hair
means 'one who is drafted into service'
Nicolaus Copernicus
Responsible for Heliocentric conception
Benedict de Spinoza
Was a Pantheist
Geocentric conception
same as the Ptolemaic conception of the universe.
Francis Bacon
developed the Scientific Method
the final argument of kings
ultima ratio regum
i am the country
L'état, c'est moi
Philip V
king after the war of Spanish Succession
George Frederick Handel
Baroque composer who wrote "Messiah"
Fredericks seizure of silesia
Act of "naked aggression" that was the casus belli of the war of Austrian succession
Maria Theresa
Ruler of Austria at the time of the war of Austrian succession
Law of Primogeniture
Law that prevented a woman from inheriting the throne
Robert Clive
led the British East India Company troops during 7 year war
The Spirit of the Law
Montesquiea argues for a separation of powers in government in which of his works?
Robert clive , along with what group, were considered to be the founders of the study of economics?
the first principle of the physiocrates
tried to balance individual liberty with the authority of a government in his work, the social contract
Pragmatic Sanction
altered the law of primogenitor
treaty ending the war of austrian succession
Battle of Plassey
At what battle did Robert Clive avenge the Black Hole of Calcutta?
in england the parliament grew more powerful, but the king won support from the aristocrats by awarding them titles, posts, and positions
William pitt the elder
prime minister who expanded the British Empire by acquiring Canada and India from the French in the 7 year war
french finance minister
two hundred thousand
how many nobles and dependents tried to leave france within 3 months of the fall of the Bastille
of whom did the 1st estate consist
Aristocrates or nobles
the clergy were divided among themselves. from which class did the higher clergy come?
middle class
what douse Bourgeoisie mean?
Apres moi le déluge
on his death bed, Louis XV predicted catastrophe for france saying what?
moderate revolutionaries