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Growers control phylloxera by means of
Removing leaves from around grape clusters
Decrease grape rots, lower grape potassium, lowers grape pH (all of above)
Leaves in deep shade
Use sugars synthesized by illuminated leaves
You would expect a Sauternes-style California late-harvest wine to be made from which grape varieties?
Sauvignon Blanc and/or Semillon
Which type of sherry is oxidized in the absence of flor yeast?
Which spice would you not expect to find in sparkling wines but would be anticipated in (red) table wines
Black pepper
Which producer would encourage malolatic fermentation?
Domaine Longtaste whose vineyards are in the coldest regions and who specialize in the driest, longest-aged, most complex sparking wines.
Which odor descriptors would you expect to find in a bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that was spoiled by vinegar bacteria?
Acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate
Which red table wine on the list below would you predict would have the darkest color and most tannin? It also can have an aroma of fresh ground black pepper. All are from the same vintage
Most vegetative/herbaceous red wine on the list
Cabernet Sauvignon
Used for sparkling wine production in California and France
Pinot Noir
Grown in the best vineyards in the Burgundy district of France
Pinot Noir
Most likely to be vinified by carbonic maceration
Fruity raspberry aroma is typical of this variety when young, originally from Italy
The most commonly made blush varietal wine in California starts with this grape
Cabernet Sauvignon
Grown in the best vineyards of Bordeaux, France
Cabernet Sauvignon
The juice of Zinfandel and most other red wine grapes is
The most important step in red wine production for determining the style of wine
management of the extraction during fermentation
Which wine component protects red wines during the longer aging periods that allow them to develop complex bouquets?
White varietal wine with strongest flavor
White varietal wine with weakest flavor
Chenin Blanc
White varietal wine most likely to be fermented and aged in oak
White varietal wine whose grapes are used to make Champagne and White Burgundy wines in France
Aroma and flavor descriptors for this white varietal wine include bell pepper, green olive, and herbaceous
Sauvignon Blanc
White varietal wine blended with Semillon to make Sauternes-style, Botrytis - affected late harvest wines
Sauvignon Blanc
White varietal wine whose neutral-flavored grapes are highly susceptible to Botrytis-cinerea
Chenin Blanc
White varietal wine whose grapes predominate in the vineyards of the Rhine and Mosel valleys of Germany
White Riesling
You are preparing a plate of appetizers for dinner. You will serve a dry Gewurztraminer with the appetizers. You do not include green apple slices on the plate because
eating the apple will bring out the acid in the wine
Which item on the list is not a part of "the best possible aging conditions" for bottled wines?
Pick worst bet on this wine list for bottle aging
Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Fume Blanc, White Zinfandel, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and White Riesling: White Zinfandel
The process of transferring wine from one vat containing lees to another vat that is clean is called
Which procedure listed below would you not expect to b done before fermentation of Chardonnay?
Cold stabilization
This winemaking step ideally involves only breaking the skins of the grape berries to allow the juice to flow out without any damage to the seeds or stems
The climate of the vineyard is called the
Which grape variety below would be most consistently used for premium wines rather than jug wines?
At what blood alcohol concentration do most people perceive the maximum relaxation?
Wine provides about how many calories per four-ounce serving?
Medical researchers define moderate alcohol consumption as about how many four-ounce glasses of wine daily?
The smallest concentration of wine component required for a taster to name it "By Jove that's sweet!" is called
the recognition threshold
Wine sensory components such as color which evoke pleasure in and of themselves are said to have a hedonic quality
What sensory quality would not be expected from the clue "A white wine is very pale and nearly colorless?"
Intense Fruit Aromas
When the stimulus alcohol is present in high amounts in a wine, you can expect to experience both a taste and a tactile sensation. These sensations are
sweet, hot
The "orange juice effect" is an example of
a taste modifier
In white table wines, this color is a sign that the wine has been exposed to too much air in production or has been bottle aged too long
In wine usage, __________ refers to odors which come from the grape & ________ is used for smells that come from fermentation and aging in oak bottles
aroma, bouquet
What sensation would you expect in your mouth when the stimulus tannin in the wine is low or absent
Which tasting order would place the second wine at a disadvantage?
Sweet before dry