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  1. irregular verbs in fut & cond
  2. tocar vs. jugar
  3. gastar vs. pasar
  4. future w/ a "new idea"
  5. el tiempo vs. la vez vs. la hora
  1. a el tiempo=duration (i passed a lot of time sleeping)

    la vez=one moment (the second time, i tripeed..)

    la hora=the hour, the determined moment of the day
  2. b tocar=to play an instrument

    jugar=to play something for fun (game/sport)
  3. c -"must" / "should"
    -El reloj no anda, ¿Qué hora será?
    -No puedo encontrar a Carlos. ¿Dónde estará?
  4. d gastar=to spend money or other resources

    pasar=to elapse time
  5. e querr, tendr, sabr, vendr, saldr, habr, pondr, podr, cabr, dir, valdr, har

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  1. pensar en=to have on one's mind

    pensar de/sobre=referring to an opinion (what do you think of...?)

    pensar=to consider or contemplate
  2. =in the present, "current" "now"

    NOTTTT "actually"--> en realidad, de veras
  3. =to be present at a place (concierto, fiesta)

    NOTTTT "to assist someone"--> atender
  4. to get closer to ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  5. to fall in love with ; REFLEXIVE VERB

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  1. parecerse vs. parecerleto look like vs. to seem like


  2. dormirse vs. dormirto fall asleep vs. to sleep ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  3. los tiempos perfectos: IRREGS-se refiere a eventos que pasarán para un momento específico en el futúro
    -"will have"
    --By the year 2016, I will have graduated from college. (Yo me graduaré de...)


  4. quedarse vs. quedarleto stay vs. to fit/have left


  5. hacerse vs. ponerse vs. llegar a ser vs. volverse~hacerse=to bring about a change in something's state (se hizo rico, me hice profesor)
    *ponerse=to change in an involuntary manner (rojo)
    ~llegar a ser=involuntary arrival @ something (llegar a ser amigos, llegaron a ser rico al ganar la loteria)
    *volverse=to describe something sudden (emocional)