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H. European History

Q&A to all of Mr. Horner's HEH tests.
Advocates of Northern Humanism Believed...
the fusion of christian and classical ideals provides the best definition of virtuous conduct
renaissance humanism is primarily defined as...
a curriculum based on the study of classics, rhetoric, and history.
In addition to the conquest of the last Muslim outpost in Spain at Granada and Columbus' voyage to the Americas, what occurred in 1492?
the jewish population was expelled from Spain
Castiglione's book, "book of the courtier" (1528) was intended as...
a guide to refined behavior and etiquette
Louis XI (1461-1583) is often credited with laying the foundations of french royal absolutism because of his...
use of the royal decree to legislate administrative reforms.
a central feature of the catholic reformation was the...
establishment of new religious orders such as the jesuits.
Martin Luther;s response to the German Peasants' War of 1524-25 demonstrates his...
support of the prevailing social and political order.
a major difference between calvinism and lutheranism relates to...
emphasis on predestination
the Roman Catholic Council of Trent (1545-63) had its primary result...
Reform within the Catholic Church and reaffirmation of catholic doctrine.
what best characterizes renaissance humanists?
the emphasized rhetoric based on classical models
what role was most socially acceptable for an educated woman in Renaissance Europe?
Patron of the Arts
in his "institutes of the christian religion", John Calvin sought to ...
systematize protestant doctrine as the basis for a reformed christianity
roman catholics, lutherans, and calvinists condemned anabaptists for their...
belief in church-state separation
the goals of the protestant princes in germany before 1555 included the...
recognition of Lutheranism as a legitimate form of religion
in the mid-1400s, christians, muslims, and jews coexisted with some degree of tolerations in...
what was a major factor in the spread of humanist culture in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries?
the development of the printing press
which of the following passages could have appeared in "the little Prince"?
"it is much better to be feared than to be loved"
the rulers of Italian city-states commissioned pieces of art to...
commemorate great victories, display their wealth, honor themselves, acknowledge their families.
the followers of the english theologian-reformer Wyclif were called...
the conciliar movement was...
an attempt to place ultimate church authority in a general council
what is a belief for humanists?
studying classical writings will bring understanding of human nature
the following statements(s) about women was true during the renaissance
Renaissance women gained comparatively more rights than they had in the middle ages.
"when adam delved and eve span, who then was the gentleman?" this quote by john ball explains...
the rage of the commoners against the privileged class during the peasants rebellion, 1381
which of the following is a northern italian city state?
which of the following was the stronghold from which the Moors were expelled by the forces of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492?
none of the above (canterbury, toledo, crècy or crimea?)
erasmus advocated...
christian education for moral and intellectual improvement.
"other nations wage war; you, austria, marry." this quote explains...
charles V's inheritance of his many hapsburg territories
John Knox's reformation in scotland derived from the ideas of...
John Calvin
Luther posted his 95 Theses in order to...
allow for scholarly debate with regard to indulgences
which of the following events happened at the council of trent?...
none of the above
with regars to the church, Henry VIII sought to...
have it approve his desire to have multiple wives
reformed theology was more exportable because...
it was adapted easily to the political situation of various states
the catholic response to the reformation would best be expressed by saying...
"arise, O lord, and destroy the heretics who are destroying our unity."
The Jesuits would justly be called the "shock troopers" of the papacy because...
they were sent places where the pope needed strong catholics
why was the pope so reluctant to grant Henry Vii an anulment of his marriage?
the pope needed the political support of Charles V, the nephew of Henry;s Wife and the Holy Roman Emperor
France's support for the german princes against charles V is ironic because...
Charles V was a catholic, just like the king of france, but the german princes were lutheran
what term relates to the settlement reached in the peace of augsburg?
curius regio, eius religio
what group was instrumental in ending the Wars of religion (1562-98) in france?
a group of roman catholics and protestants called the "politiques"
the edict of nantes issued by Henry IV of france did what?
recognized the rights of French Protestants
Italian society differed from the rest of europe during the renaissance in what ways?
Number of urban commercial centers
what were the nobles of the robe?
they were the backbone of french administrative government
what is defined by this statement by cardinal Richelieu: " where the interest of the state are concerned, God absolves actions which if privately committed, would be a crime"?
raison d'état
the establishment of William and mary on the throne of England recognized the supreme authority of whom?
the english parliament
which of the following men was known for his service to Louis XIV in the field of painting?
Nicholas Poussin
"for the best and largest part of our subjects of the so-called reformed religion have embraced catholisism...we have judged that we can do nothing better to wipe out the memory of the troubles...than to revoke the entirely said edict." this phrase explains why...
Louis XIV repudiated the decree of Henry IV at Nantes
what is an effect of inflation?
money is worth less in the long run
the economic policies of Jean-Baptiste Colbert which helped France financially afloat were known as...
"the limitaion of government by law; implying a balance between the authority and power of the government," this defines...
who played the biggest role in paving the way for the absolutism of Louis XIV?
Cardinal Richelieu
The reign of Peter the Great of Russia (1682-1725) resulted in what?
the territorial expansion of russia
Fredrick the Great (1740-1786) contributed most to the rise of prussia as a major european power by...
annexing the hapsburg province of silesia
the enlightened monarchs of the eighteenth century would most likely have favored what?
the codification of laws
the great scientific discoveries of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries led european scholars to believe that...
the univers was orderly and operated according to fixed rules
the establisment and growth of st. petersburg during the early eighteenth century was a part of peter the Great's attempt to do what?
remake russian institutions to be as effective as those in wester europe
the individula who first provided mathematical formulas supporting the copernican theory and explaining planetary motion was...
johannes kepler
which of the following pairs of European monachs is generally identified as "enlightened" monarchs?
Joseph II and Catherine the Great
the eighteenth-century enlightenment philosophes were primarily concerned with
critical and inquiring approaches to knowledge
"the world consists of two fundamental entities mind and matter, the physical and the spiritual." this statement is an example of...
cartesian dualism
Noble landowners of russia were known as ...
in "essay concerning human understanding", what author held. 'the human mind at birth is like a blank tablet, on which the environment writes the individual's understanding and beliefs"?
john Locke
the most known for writing "the social contract", the author who served ties with his fellow philosophes and was passionately committed to individual freedom was...
jean-jaques rousseau
the rise of the russian monarchy was largely a response to the external threat of the...
asiatic mongols
during the late 1700s, after being partitioned by its neighbors, which state ceased to exist as a distinct entity in europe for over 100 years?
an acceptble forum for the spread of enlightenment ideas, salons could be found..
in the drawing rooms of wealthy, aristocratic women
which of the following men used the war of the austrian succession to expand prussia into a great power?
Fredrick II
During the early 1700s, the great northern war was fought between...
russia and sweden
the great debate between scientists of the 16th century and the state churches had to do with ...
heliocentrism vs. geocentrism
through the pragmatic sanction, Charles VI of Austria sought to ...
have his daughter recognized as a legitimate heir, and pass all Hapsburg lands to a single heir.
the social setting of the enlightenment...
was characterized by poverty and boredom
because of their positions as the most powerful eastern orthodox state, the leaders of which country began to refer to themselves as the "third rome"?
mercantilism is a system of economic principles emphasizing ...
government intervention to secure a favorable balance of trade and the growth of a national reserves of gold and silver
what were major causes of the inflation in prices that occurred in europe in the 16th century?
increasing population and an influx of precious metals from the new world
an important factor in establishing french absolutism was the...
royal appointment of intendants ti supervise the prevention of personal loans
what was a result of the 30 years war?
the political fragmentation of the HRE was maintained.
the term "administrative monarchy", referring to an increase in bureaucracy and consolidation of monarchial power, most accurately describes...
absolute monarchy
the edict of nantes issued by Henry IV of france did what?
recognized the rights of the french protestants
the 2 european powers that defied the pattern of absolute, centralized government by the end of the seventeenth century were...
england and the dutch republic
what is an important defense of the principal of absolute monarchy?
thomas hobbes, "leviathan"
the flow of huge amounts of gold and silver from the new world didnt cause...
spains economic strength and dominance in europe
the dutch economy was based on ...
fishing, world trade, and banking
as described in the treaty of rome (1957), the european economic community most closely resembled...
a tariff union
one of the first actions taken by mikhail gorbachev when he became leader of the soviet union in 1985 was to ...
propose a series of reforms designed to save the failing communist regime
after the death of stalin, khrushchev modified soviet policy by..
emphasizing the production of consumer goods
all of the following were major goals of the european feminist movement of the late 1960s and 1970s EXCEPT...
suffrage for women over the age of 21
a major goal of the 1991 maastricht treaty was to...
create a single currency and central bank for the european union
the writings of Simone de Beauvoir strongly influences what intellectual movement?
existentialism and feminism
what corresponded with the end of the cold war in europe?
and increase in ethic and nationalistic tensions
the british cartoon above refers to... (see test)
the soviet invasion of czechoslovakia in 1968
after the second world war, most of western european states sought to develop policies that...
provided medical and social services for women and children
by 1948, soviet-dependant regimes existed in all of the following countries except...
in the 1960s, a factor that distinguished soviet social structure from the societies of advanced industrial nations in western europe was the soviet union's...
high percentage of workers engaged in agriculture
the western allies and the soviet union agreed to all of the following measures to be implemented after the second world war EXCEPT...
the placing of germany under the control of the united nations
Nikita Khrushchev did what?
denounced stalin's cult of personality
which man did his people assassinate following the fall of communism in 1989?
nicolae ceausescu
all of the following terms have to do with the cold war except ...
holocaust and arms race, ("peaceful coexistance" and prague spring, slidarity and NATO, warsaw pact and marshall plan, berlin wall and detente)
who eventually became know as Pope John Paul II?
karol wojtyla
who was a member of nato prior to 1997?
great britain
the russian political cartoon above from the cold as era ridicules the motivations of the ... (see test)
marshall plan
what state disintegrated into a bloody civil war fueled by nationalist tensions in the aftermath of the end of the Cold War?
the person most responsible for the "ethnic cleansing" war in bosnia was...
Slobodan Milosevic
"green" political parties emerged in western europe in the 1970s and 1980s primarily a result of...
concern about the impact of industrialization on the environment
at the second vatican council (1962-65), the roman catholic church sought primarily to...
address relations between the roman catholic church and the modern world.
the most influential opponent of great britain's entry into the european common market in the 1960s was...
not a major demographic trend in europe between 1960 and 1990 was the...
highest levels of emigration of western europeans since 1850.
in the 1960s, western europeans women's lives were significantly changed by the ...
widespread use of oral contraceptives
a historian would be most likely to cite the sculpture above as an example of the...(see test)
alienation in modern society