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The Age of Exploration and Isolation Chapter 19

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Bartolomeu Dias
Portugese explorer who wanted to spread christianity and coined the phrase "God, Gold, Glory." First to sail around Southern Tip of Africa
God, Gold, Glory
Dias's reason for exploration.
Vasco de Gama
First to sail around the southern tip of Africa, found many spices and silks
Christopher Columbus
Itallain explorer who explored for Spain, first though America was India when he found it.
Treaty of Tordesillas
Agreement created by pope Alexander the VI spilitting world in 2 between Spain and Portugal in 1494.
he ended the rule of the Mongols by leading a rebellion... created the Ming Dynasty... improved the amount of food and improved irrigation. He raised sugar cane and cotton...but became very paranoid as he aged.
East India Companies
British, French, and Dutch trading companies that obtained government monopolies of trade to India and Asia; acted independently in their regions.
Ming Dynasty
Started by Hongwu was a very powerful Chinese empire that lasted over 200 years
The son of Hongwu and moved the Ming capital to Beijing. He built the imperial city, which became the Forbidden City.
Zheng he
explorer sent by Yonglo, he gave gifts to every place he went
Conquered China and created the Qing Dynasty
Qing Dynasty
Created by the Manchu's, they kept Chinese traditions.
brought China to its largest size, increased wealth and supported the arts
Qian Long
Kangxi's grandson brought china to its largest size...Europeans were annoyed with their trade policies...invasions from Manchuria...and china was worried because Korea seemed to be getting a sense of nation pride
Time of Civil war in Japan
Like Lords in China
Oda Nobunga
Diamyo who wanted complete control of China, but committed to seppuku when one General Turned on him.
Alternate Attendance Policy
Policy of the shogunate during most of the Edo period of Japanese history. The purpose was to control the daimyo.
Type of Japanese Drama
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Nobunaga's best general who continued his goal and managed to control most of china...he late invaded Korea but this effort ended after he died
Type of Japanese Poem
Matsuo Basho
great Haiku writer
Francis Xavier
was the first Christian missionary to arrive in Japan