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  1. labyrinth
  2. gingham
  3. flagon
  4. galley
  5. lectern
  1. a intricate structure of interconnecting passages
  2. b kitchen of ship or plane
  3. c large vessel with handle and spout, used for beverages
  4. d reading stand for public speaker
  5. e dyed cotton fabric woven into stripes, checks, or solid colors

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  1. closed 4-wheel carriage with open front seat for driver
  2. open space in forest
  3. thin, watery porridge
  4. short musket with wide muzzle
  5. a painting on fresh plaster with water-based pigments

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  1. broochstrap that secures a pack or saddle


  2. awltool for boring holes


  3. chignonroll of hair worn at the nape of neck


  4. cleatobject with projecting horns on which rope may be fastened


  5. maelstromlarge, violent whirlpool