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  1. labyrinth
  2. lectern
  3. moor
  4. bellows
  5. chignon
  1. a intricate structure of interconnecting passages
  2. b instrument for directing strong current of air through a spout
  3. c roll of hair worn at the nape of neck
  4. d reading stand for public speaker
  5. e broad area of open, often boggy land

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  1. large hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish
  2. farm tool with teeth or disks to break up and level plowed ground
  3. mechanical device
  4. reinforced eyelet, such as in cloth or leather
  5. baby carriage

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  1. typhoontropical cyclone or hurricane of the West Pacific area


  2. frescoman's felt cap shaped like flat-topped cone, usually with hanging tassel


  3. aureolegrotesquely carved figure of human or animal, often found on a building


  4. gladetriangular end section of a wall


  5. gabletriangular end section of a wall