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  1. grommet
  2. blunderbuss
  3. gruel
  4. labyrinth
  5. flambeau
  1. a reinforced eyelet, such as in cloth or leather
  2. b thin, watery porridge
  3. c flaming torch
  4. d intricate structure of interconnecting passages
  5. e short musket with wide muzzle

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  1. tropical cyclone or hurricane of the West Pacific area
  2. large dog with short brownish coat
  3. heavy block of iron or steel with smooth, flat top on which metals are shaped by hammering
  4. storehouse for threshed grain
  5. baby carriage

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  1. hearthobject with projecting horns on which rope may be fastened


  2. thresherarmored shin guards


  3. gladeopen space in forest


  4. gafflarge hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish


  5. galleytriangular end section of a wall