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  1. chignon
  2. typhoon
  3. glade
  4. maelstrom
  5. queue
  1. a roll of hair worn at the nape of neck
  2. b large, violent whirlpool
  3. c line of waiting people
  4. d open space in forest
  5. e tropical cyclone or hurricane of the West Pacific area

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  1. large circular building or room, especially one with a dome
  2. machine to separate grain or seeds from straw
  3. closed 4-wheel carriage with open front seat for driver
  4. kitchen of ship or plane
  5. fore-and-aft rigged boat with one mast and single jib

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  1. flambeauflaming torch


  2. mastifflarge dog with short brownish coat


  3. lecternreading stand for public speaker


  4. contrivancemechanical device


  5. blunderbussreading stand for public speaker