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  1. brougham
  2. flagon
  3. rotunda
  4. glade
  5. aureole
  1. a encircling ring of light or color
  2. b large vessel with handle and spout, used for beverages
  3. c large circular building or room, especially one with a dome
  4. d open space in forest
  5. e closed 4-wheel carriage with open front seat for driver

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  1. fenced area, chiefly used for grazing horses
  2. short musket with wide muzzle
  3. large dog with short brownish coat
  4. flaming torch
  5. line of waiting people

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  1. perambulatorbaby carriage


  2. leveeembankment raised to prevent flooding


  3. bellowsinstrument for directing strong current of air through a spout


  4. grommetthin, watery porridge


  5. gabletriangular end section of a wall