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  1. thresher
  2. balustrade
  3. scepter
  4. typhoon
  5. fresco
  1. a a painting on fresh plaster with water-based pigments
  2. b handrail and row of posts (balusters) that support it
  3. c staff held (usually by king or queen) as sign of authority
  4. d tropical cyclone or hurricane of the West Pacific area
  5. e machine to separate grain or seeds from straw

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  1. large, violent whirlpool
  2. broad area of open, often boggy land
  3. closed 4-wheel carriage with open front seat for driver
  4. soft, spongy center of plants' stems and branches
  5. line of waiting people

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  1. granarystorehouse for threshed grain


  2. cleatman's felt cap shaped like flat-topped cone, usually with hanging tassel


  3. cinchstrap that secures a pack or saddle


  4. flagonopen space in forest


  5. labyrinthintricate structure of interconnecting passages