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alcocer final test 1

alcocer's sociology final notes
Sociology is the
systematic, scientific study of human society.
Edna is a sociologist. She is organizing a study of young people who join cults because she believes that they mostly come from broken homes. Her belief is called her
Jane was able to understand that her friend's suicide had to do with isolation from pressures created by family and friends. This understanding shows that Jane probably possesses
sociological imagination.
As the Industrial Revolution brought new industries and technologies and new ways of living converting some philosophers into sociologists; at least there were two factors combined lead to convert them into sociologists
social upheavals and the advancement of the natural sciences.
John did not join groups and felt very different from other students. His separation helped him examine and better understand others on campus. His condition, which can help promote sociological understanding, is called
social marginality.
Auguste Comte sought to develop a science of society focusing on the interplay between two branches
social statics and social dynamics.
Emile Durkheim's classic study of suicide makes the sociological point that
suicide rates can increase as a result of lack of social integration.
A perspective that focuses on change and conflict is the
conflict perspective.
Nineteenth century social philosophers were influenced by the natural sciences because these sciences
served as a model to understand and control the social world.
Auguste Comte is sometimes called the father of sociology because he
created the word sociology.
A research method that involves asking questions about opinions, beliefs, or behaviors, and it is easily quantified is
A condition in which most members of society agree on what would be good for everybody, and cooperate to achieve it is called
social consensus.
Emile Durkheim was the pioneer in developing research on suicide, he is associated with
been the first to use statistical methods to test hypotheses.
Herbert Spencer believed that society evolves to become better naturally, and saw society as an organism. This means that
society corrects its own problems. Survival of the fittest.
Karl Marx stated that all human history is marked by class conflict and competition. This means that
all of the above.
A view that focuses on the large social phenomena of a society, such as social institutions and inequality is the
macro view.
Economic globalization is
the interrelationships among the world economies.
A major contributor to the establishment of such government programs as social security and workers compensation was U.S. sociologist
Herbert Spencer.
A view that focuses on the immediate social situation, in which people interact with one another face to face.
micro view.
Herman played on a softball team and was a Sunday school teacher. However, his main commitment was to his job. His softball and church activities are called his
subordinate statuses.
Secondary group interactions are more commonly found in
large, industrial societies.
What is the driving force behind sociocultural evolution?
food-producing technology.
jean is the manager of a department store and when she goes to work she must deal with the many roles and expectations of her job. These roles and expectations make up her
role set.
If a collection of people share some characteristics, interact with each other, and have some feelings of unity, they make up a
social group.
Horticultural societies are characterized specifically because horticulturalists rely on
all of the above.
In Postindustrial societies we are able to see how the technology has
transformed the society to a service producing society.
The transition to a postindustrial society has influenced Americans' lives in diverse ways; among them
more people are moving away from big cities to small towns and rural areas.
Culture in sociological terms is
a design for living.
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis about language and culture suggests that
language shapes the ways in which people perceive the world.
Cultural relativism is judging a society by its own terms, by its own standards. this means
it counteracts ethnocentrism.
The functionalist perspective on culture focus on culture and how it
serves important functions for meeting human needs so as to ensure social order and stability.
According to the conflict perspective, culture
reflects the interest of the rich and powerful in society.
Folkways are weak norms that
expectations about proper behavior in society.
Robert works overtime and he therefore cannot spend as much time with his children as he would like. He feels guilty but knows that if he does not work overtime he could lose his job. This situation is an example of
role conflict.
Which of the following statements is the definition of social institution?
the stable sets of widely shared beliefs, norms, and procedures that are organized to satisfy basic needs.
The internet can promote global culture or strengthen nationalism and traditional cultural values.
Knowledge is a collection of relatively objective ideas and facts about the physical and social worlds.
A pastoral society produces food so efficiently that high technology and service industry dominate it.
Participant observation is a research method that involves asking questions about opinions, beliefs or behaviors.
Patriarchy is a system of domination in which women exercise power over men.
Name three forces that are producing a global culture.
Television, global economy, international organizations
Name three symbolic and non-material components of the macro culture of the United States.
freedom, democracy, hard work
Name three symbolic and material components of the micro culture of TCU.
purple clothing, cowboy boots, horned frog
A perspective that focuses on social order is called the _____________ perspective
C. Wright Mills called the ability to see the impact of social forces on the individuals the __________________________________
sociological imagination.
_____________________ is called to be the father of sociology.
Auguste Comte
The first African-American sociologist to receive a doctorate from Harvard was________________________
W.E.B. Du Bois.
The status that dominates and explains all of the other statuses a person has, is call _____________________
master status.
When you go to the bank or to the store, you interact with the clerk in a formal way, relate to each other as players of particular roles; there are hardly any emotional ties. This is people you just met. This kind of group is called ______________________
secondary group.
Lisa attended her friend's wedding wearing cut-off jeans and a tank top. When the minister began the ceremony, Lisa whistled and cheered. Lisa's mode of dress and behavior at the wedding was a violation of society's ____________